Taking Care of Business…Learn Something New!

This week I’m researching marketing tips to implement in social media strategies.

In scanning for a YouTube video to review, I want to find a speaker that gets to the nuts & bolts of what their video has to offer. Tyson Zahner hit amazing action words like dominate, attract, and buy that spoke to me. As the viewer that spiked my curiosity to give him 2 minutes to see what Tyson can share with me.
As a prospect to his knowledge, he disclosed his strategies to 5 questions to ask yourself about how your marketing your product and is your method inspiring the buyers to purchase your product?

I believe that taking the time to discover a new strategy from other people that are in your industry should be incorporated in your ‘things to do’ for your business. Tyson shares 5 strategies that you can implement into your marketing immediately!

Tyson Zahner
Published on October 24, 2018

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Video & Podcasting


MNGT 138

 Video and podcasting


The company I chose to research is 9Round fitness is a specialized gym, fitness center & health club dedicated to circuit training with an emphasis on kickboxing fitness training.

 I am investigating if 9Round is using video & podcasting for marketing their business.




I did find podcasting beginning from 2015 on BlogTalkRadio. Listening to the messages given was useful content about healthy food, the science of working out, and tips for working out. The messages from what I listened to could be “timeless” in a sense, that nothing within the conversation could be “dated” revealing to the listener it was 2 or possibly more years old, which could be recycled on a later date.

The turn-offs, literally I mean, I needed to turn it off because the audio sounded like a phone call into a radio station. The recording was rough, just not pleasant to listen too.

I cannot tell from Blog Talk Radio if using this platform worked for bringing in potential new clients. I would have a tough time being committed to listening to their messages because of the audio recording of the talks.


9Round  is using YouTube to share information with ‘how-to,’ examples of workouts, and press interviews. Their videos are answering questions for people interested in trying out their circuit training program.

9Round videos categories:

  • 9Round workout video
  • 9Round hand wraps
  • 9Round review
  • 9Round fitness
  • 9Round commercial
  • 9Round results
  • 9Round transformation
  • 9Round pad drills

Customer Reviews

9Round has many videos of  people that shared their experiences of going and trying the workout.

9Round has done well with their videos in their marketing to educate, inform, entertain, and advertise their company. As for their Podcasting strategy, I could not tell if they considered this a success for ROI. Many studies have shown that the use of Podcasting in marketing plans can be beneficial, 9Round should consider moving their Podcasts to the more popular APPs like iPod.

How I Browse the Internet


MGNT 138


How Do You Browse The Internet?

How do I use websites and social media? Well, my attention span is not long unless I am being entertained. If web pages feel like an encyclopedia, I am out! If there’s too much reading in the introduction and I still have no idea if what I googled pertains to this website, I am gone!

Scanning in a Rush!

scan F


I do not know why, but I take on urgency when checking into a website. My eyes do tend to follow the letter ‘F’ for the keys components; I guess to get a feel if the website is usable or if they are trying to get info from me before revealing information.




 Touchable Screen Laptop

(not sure if that the right description….but I love it!)


I do enjoy using my touchable Screen Laptop for browsing or just knocking out my homework. Running my finger over the screen to roll the pages around is a lot more satisfying than using the pointer.

The A.D.D. kicks in with the touchable screen:

  • I can move the page around faster.
  • I can expand pictures to look at.
  • So much faster to poke at open tabs or apps to jump back and forth.

Social Media I Use


les brown

When I  walk, to keep my brain stimulated, I have my YouTude Plan for my listening pleasure.

I  have the list of the genres (so I make sure to change the style each walk) and a place for date & # of steps.

4 styles of videos I listen to while walking:

  • Entertainment
  • Educational
  • Motivational
  • Audiobooks



pug pee on it

Well, I am not big on posting moments of my life…however, I do start with ‘liking’ my friend’s notifications. Then I move onto scrolling for something funny, maybe an exciting DIY project, or pugs!

pug wiggle wiggle

Well, funny pets will work. If an article appears to be a heartbreaking story, especially about animals, I will keep scrolling; I hate going on an emotional journey.

So I spend about 5 minutes of scrolling on FaceBook unless there are some excellent pet videos!

I am not sure other people use their technology just as I do. I think other people will probably spend more time taking in the information than I do. Probably people spend more time stalking their friend’s posts to feel like they are immersed in their friend’s lives, I suspect.

I also am not interested in trying to figure out how to use other forms of social media; I believe that’s because of the learning curve, usually by the time I figure it out, it updates and then the relearning starts again…. and I got other things to do!

YOUTUBE for your Social Marketing Plan

W5- BUS 134


The power of adding video content to your social media marketing to reach people with your message and your content is a valuable resource to incorporate into marketing your business. Youtube has made hosting videos and sharing easy even for the novice to utilize this medium for your content.

There are three uses for video content to marketing your business.

#1 Supportive Use of Video:

  •  Video allows you to introduce you and your business and give a non-threatening way give your pitch to a potential customer
  • This is another avenue to share your products and information, engage the customer in knowledge about your services.
  • Sharing and across other social media is convenient: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog


#2 Search Discovery or SEO use of Video:

After Google, Youtube is the #2 search engine, it also has the biggest searches for “HOW-TO” do something. So take advantage of this and created your “HOW-TO” videos for content to share.

Then optimize like crazy your video with SEOs:

  • Create your video
  • Optimize the video title
  • Optimize the video description
  • Optimize the video transcript
  • optimize the video tags

These are all areas that need to be key-word heavy to make the top-ranked videos in searches.

#3 Sharing and Viral Videos:

Videos ARE the most shared content across social media, largely because of emotional content, this drives us in social media.

Emotions that get us to engage:

  • Funny
  • Shocking
  • Provactive
  • Outrageous
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Outrage
  • sentimentality

Humor is what goes viral. Humor is safe to share without controversy, we can emotionally engage and share a moment with others.

Try it out…find a video that makes you laugh out loud and share it, ask your friends to write a comment about it, and see how many people you made laugh today!