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Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

Published on Jun 17, 2010

I am so inspired by the possibilities that could have changed my outlook on how my education could have finally been vital to me if I felt there was hope for me after graduation. When I did not follow the paths that the ‘fortunate’ kids seemed to understand as their goals in life, from the institutional structure I was failing in life.

On my long walks to school, I created businesses in my head. In my classes, my assignments seemed not to follow the intentions of the instructions, I had a different point of view and did not understand how I could not just ‘get’ what the rest of the class understood. I defiantly felt that what inspired me, was not the right answer for making it in life according to the education provided to me.

I had a boyfriend’s mother that commented she felt I was not good enough for him because I was not on-track with a college education. Yet, I had thousands of ideas and no guidance or support system to develop or teach me tools to conquer the world how I viewed it.

My parents were business owners; they owned two gas stations and no formal training in how to work on a car or run a business, to this day I do not know how that accomplished that in time when gas was rationed to service stations.

My grandfather designed, patented and built an antenna that would boost reception to boats for communication. Luckily, he sold his business and patent before the digital age changed how boats and ships got their communication.

I could see creativity around me with no concept of how to put dreams into action. Cameron Herold’s break down on how to nurture a child to see the world differently and develop essential skills to build on their strengths versus making them feel inadequate is spot on and fantastic!

Now at this point in life, I have created businesses out of a necessity of having control over my schedule while my then husband was deployed. I have run others peoples businesses and optimized their sales and employees. I became a realtor that researched and marketed my houses different from the industry standards and always got a ‘buzz’ in potential buyers because I could fall in love with each house no matter how ugly it was in reality and make the buyer see the potential also.

Now, I am a yoga instructor preparing to open a studio teaching my style of yoga that definitely does not fit into traditional. I got over the fear of not teaching like everyone else, got authentic to what I have to offer, the yogis came!

If this style of thinking and looking at how not all kids fit into the same plan, then parents should hear his words and start incorporating these ideas at home!


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What Yoga Taught Me About Business, Bravery & Bras



DO NOT discount the power of the  Groupon in having a life-changing moment!

This inspirational Ted talk about women in business, given by Harriet Minter, sharing how powerful women in business lack confidence and bravery.

Harriet explains how this makes no sense since women tend to get better grades in school and now there are more women attending universities than men.

Harriet explains her journey of her horrifying first experience is doing yoga and mistakenly entered an advanced class of power yoga changed her meaning of adventure, success, and bravery as to overcome challenges and find success!


Do what you love (no excuses!)

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Gary became 1% not happy selling wine and decided this is not what is making him happy and needed to make a change. Gary’s energy is engaging but when he leads in with ‘you can lose lots of money being happy as hell’, you wonder, how is this going to motivate me to find what I love to do every day? Gary’s change happened when he walked away from being a CEO of his business to joining his community. You have to care about the community you are apart.

Build brand equity!

Your content is yours!  Regular media, TV, news, or radio are no longer in control of building your brand. Build your brand equity, design your legacy and hustle every day.

Get out and network!

Care about your users, the people around you, and be transparent about what you believe in, what you love, be passionate about your personal brand.

Tools! Use them all!

You need to connect to your user base and the people you care about, that is essential! Your user base is everywhere, so create your opportunities everywhere you can, anywhere you can, as often as you can.

We like interaction! Social media is a massive opportunity to connect with your users.

Go to work, come home, spend time with the family, you kiss the dog and you go to work on what you are passionate about!

“From 7 pm to 2 am is plenty of time to do damage!  …Position yourself to succeed, go to town! Build your equity in your brand!”

-Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk

September 2008

Do what you love (no excuses!)

Accessed October 19, 2017