Taking Care of Business…Learn Something New!

This week I’m researching marketing tips to implement in social media strategies.

In scanning for a YouTube video to review, I want to find a speaker that gets to the nuts & bolts of what their video has to offer. Tyson Zahner hit amazing action words like dominate, attract, and buy that spoke to me. As the viewer that spiked my curiosity to give him 2 minutes to see what Tyson can share with me.
As a prospect to his knowledge, he disclosed his strategies to 5 questions to ask yourself about how your marketing your product and is your method inspiring the buyers to purchase your product?

I believe that taking the time to discover a new strategy from other people that are in your industry should be incorporated in your ‘things to do’ for your business. Tyson shares 5 strategies that you can implement into your marketing immediately!

Tyson Zahner
Published on October 24, 2018

Add your Social Media Marketing tips in the comments. Share your link to your amazing content in the comments!

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Customer Service in Problem Solving


MNGT 136

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For this assignment, we are given a scenario; that as a web designer significant issues are discovered in the testing. The client does not want to pay any more to fix the problems and just “roll” with the site as it is. How would I deal with the problem?

In my Customer Service class, a student had described a company’s service he had received as “Customer Service on Steroids.” I took his point as a mantra I wanted for future business.

So, I will be referencing the steps I have learned in that class.

download (3)

First of all, I would like to say; I am hoping to make any situation as a “win-win” for all involved. To best resolve issues by keeping everyone’s dignity intact, and also have all involved feel that there is some sort of satisfaction for the end results.

The Problem-Solving Process:

  1. Identify the Problem: Begin the problem-solving process with apologies for any inconvenience that they have felt caused by you or your organization. Taking responsibility will show your client you are aware there is an issue, and you are working to resolve the situation. Then gather information about the issues at hand that need to be dealt with to resolve.
  2. Compile and Analyze the Data: To efficiently determine a course of action, you need a thorough understanding of the problems.
  3. Identify The Alternatives: Let the client know you are willing to work with them to find an acceptable resolution to the issue.
  4. Evaluate the Alternatives:
    1. What is the most efficient way to solve this problem?
    2. Which are the most effective options for solving these problems?
    3. Will the options being considered solve the problem and satisfy the customer?
    4. Will the selected alternative create new issues?
  5. Monitor the Results: Once a decision has been made, monitor the effects of the results. Do not assume that your client is satisfied, especially if any negotiation has taken place to resolve the issues.

images (9)

Also, keep in mind, that rolling with the site with issues, could become a calling card of the work you did, and could possibly affect future business. So finding a win-win situation to find a solution for all involved is critical for their business and yours.


Lucas, R. W. (2015). Customer Service Skills for Success(6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

Website Breadcrumbs & Stops Signs for Usability


MGNT 136



There are many ways to increase the usability of a website for the potential customer’s experience better. One way is to use breadcrumbs in the design strategy. Providing Breadcrumbs is vital for the user to navigate through a website with a vast database and feel lost in the information presented on web pages.

Pierce College Website:

Pierce uses tabs as a form of breadcrumbs to show where you are on the website. You can see that you are on the Academic Catalog page, also that you can still return to the homepage or other categories that are within the site.



Stop Signs

amazon navigation - Copy

Creating for usability is customers to be able to navigate the website to answer their questions. The design should have in place clear signs to the content they will find. If the design is not user-friendly in the organizational design, the user will leave the website.

Pierce College Website:

The stop signs on the Pierce website has the search box, access to MYPIERCE, CANVAS and the ABOUT US. Along with more areas that are related to your college education. The stop signs are apparent to the information that will follow when you access those groups.

stop signs




Krug, S. (2014). Don’t Make Me Think Revisited (3 ed.). (E. Bayle, Ed.) New Riders.

Business Reviews, The Power is in the Feedback!

W7 BUS134

Are you missing out how to make business reviews a powerful resource to optimize your business. Do you shy away from looking at reviews for fear of the negative comments that are hurting your business, then STOP taking a back seat, take the wheel and find out how to work these resources!

Get reviews on Google


Find all the sites that have reviews of your business and verify you are the owner. Then make sure your contact information is current and details are consistient across in all these sites.  Fill in desriptions and details of services provided. Add pictures, visuals are always an easy selling point for trust. Use keywords to help searches being done by customers find your business.

6 Ways to Make Online Reviews Work for Your Business


If you want to have big impact on the role reviews play in boosting conversions, you have to put the time. Think about this, the more reviews a product has, the more social proof and credibility your business has, which converts to a trust factor for customers.

Make your product stand out from the competion, create as many organic means to find your services.

Some simple strategies can be followed that can drive up your rankings in searches, build trust in the commuinty, and find your customers. Many online customers while in their searching, turn to reviews when looking for new services or products, so ingoring what is happening in your reviews could possibly be influeincing customers decisions to stay away from your business.

How Positive Customer Reviews Can Help Your Business


The good, the bad, the ugly will help you look at how your business is doing, but also what people are saying about you. Feedback will help you evaluate the areas of your business that needs work or if things are running excellent. There is a social trust that follows the reviews people are making about you.

Neglecting your reviews could be costing you loyatly and profits. Do not stand by and let reviews be your branding talking voice!

Yoga Has No Competition In Community

W5 BUS 135

Image result for YOGA ALLIANCE LOGOYoga Alliance is the company I am researching for my online marketing class, though to put a together a better picture of how Yoga Alliance is competing in the market, you need to look at what your competitors are doing, though in yoga no one is your competition. Yoga Alliance’s website is an institute of education to all things a yoga student, yoga teacher, yoga studio, the entire community.  Yoga Alliance use of their micro-sites to share their content, they do not seem to be looking for community engagement.

Image result for YOGA JOURNAL Yoga Journal is a magazine online and in print, the website has a very energic vibe about it, youthful and engaging. Yoga Journal provides many avenues of learning yoga. Yoga Journal also has continuing education resources from some big names in yoga. Its a great compliment of resources, to the content Yoga Alliance to be used as ‘other peoples content’ to share on social media sites. Yoga Journal also uses their microsites to out great content to share, there does not seem to be conversations to followers.


Image result for yoga magazine logo

Yoga Magazine the name explains it all, online and in print. Yoga Magazine is about the lifestyle. There are many advertisements on the site, lots of articles, Yoga Magazine does feature yoga teacher stories, I did not find any pieces of training being offered to teachers. Though lots of information about practicing yoga. Yoga Magazine does offer competitions from winning subscriptions to Yoga Magazine to fantastic travel destinations. For their microsites, they use the least social media avenues, just Facebook & Twitter. For those platforms, they post a lot of memes, some content from website, and products they are selling.

Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal, and Yoga Magazine are great for what each of these resources shares with the yoga community. As an instructor, they all have content that I have shared to my social media platforms, great pictures, well-produced videos, lots of ‘how-to’ information that has been fantastic content to my followers! They all offer valuable resources, focused on being contributors to the yoga community, providing opportunities, education, and the possibilities of travel as only a yogi could!

YOUTUBE for your Social Marketing Plan

W5- BUS 134


The power of adding video content to your social media marketing to reach people with your message and your content is a valuable resource to incorporate into marketing your business. Youtube has made hosting videos and sharing easy even for the novice to utilize this medium for your content.

There are three uses for video content to marketing your business.

#1 Supportive Use of Video:

  •  Video allows you to introduce you and your business and give a non-threatening way give your pitch to a potential customer
  • This is another avenue to share your products and information, engage the customer in knowledge about your services.
  • Sharing and across other social media is convenient: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog


#2 Search Discovery or SEO use of Video:

After Google, Youtube is the #2 search engine, it also has the biggest searches for “HOW-TO” do something. So take advantage of this and created your “HOW-TO” videos for content to share.

Then optimize like crazy your video with SEOs:

  • Create your video
  • Optimize the video title
  • Optimize the video description
  • Optimize the video transcript
  • optimize the video tags

These are all areas that need to be key-word heavy to make the top-ranked videos in searches.

#3 Sharing and Viral Videos:

Videos ARE the most shared content across social media, largely because of emotional content, this drives us in social media.

Emotions that get us to engage:

  • Funny
  • Shocking
  • Provactive
  • Outrageous
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Outrage
  • sentimentality

Humor is what goes viral. Humor is safe to share without controversy, we can emotionally engage and share a moment with others.

Try it out…find a video that makes you laugh out loud and share it, ask your friends to write a comment about it, and see how many people you made laugh today!


W5 – BUS 135

When I started practicing yoga, it was because my husband was looking to find pain relief for his physical conditions that was not by means of medications so he could continue his career in the military. He required a complete hip replacement, and because he was practicing yoga before the surgery, his body was better prepared before and after the surgery, for an excellent recovery.

With this, I became a certified instructor. The further I touched people and saw them discover empowerment within themselves, the more people I wanted to teach. I understood so little about how to utilize online marketing or social media; I could “look” at what I thought were good examples of how the “rockstars” of industry were marketing themselves on social media, though this was not enough. From my business background, I needed to learn and understand more, if I was to maximize the effects I sought to get people in the door.

 I could also see studios that appeared to be lacking something; there was engagement with their loyal audience but not necessarily the types of individuals that I was teaching, however, I did not recognize how to assess what was missing from their marketing tactics. Their marketing, to put it nicely, was glitter, rainbows, and unicorns, which does have its appeal to some of the community. However there was a hole in touching people with fear and anxieties about practicing yoga. The marketing strategies were not answering these concerns to make their studios a safe place for all to explore the benefits of yoga.

Even Walt Disney appreciated the need to find out what his patrons wished to have fulfilled when coming to the parks, so to this day, Disney executives walk the parks every day to talk to the guests and employees to make sure they are meeting the desires of the guests.

 As I started to set out a plan to open a studio one day, I knew it was necessary to be able to discover as many techniques to influence people that would like to come to my classes and then turn them into lifelong yogis. I desired to know more about the ” behind the scenes” of online marketing and how to utilize social media to drive traffic to the studio and realized that it was necessary to return to school to learn this before opening a studio. I would have better quality resources in place for success.




Facebook Marketing for Yoga Teachers: Online Course


Lucas Rockwood

October 26, 2015

Lucas is a yoga teacher trainer and a digital nomad who has created a business to help studios and teachers get the most out of using social media marketing to build their audience. He offers a podcast, free material, consulting, and training to help you double your market.

Lucas shares how to get your content seen on Facebook because even big companies like Nike get lost in news feeds. He explains there are strategies that will make Facebook like you more; that Facebook is not about commerce but about community. What I like is that Lucas states he dislikes complex strategies in designing your content.

I want to more than double my audience before I am ready to open a studio so I have potential students at the opening. I would like to understand more of Lucas’s strategies to create better engagement from followers.


Business of Yoga presented by Yoga Journal

Justin Micheal Williams and Karen Mozes

November 11, 2014

Yoga Journal’s resident business experts Justin Micheal Williams and Karen Mozes who are also dedicated yoga instructors have put together ‘Business of Yoga’ dedicated to educating instructors and yoga studio owners providing tips for using social media, growing your audience, and branding yourself are just a few of the topics.

Micheal and Karen in talking with teachers and yoga studio owners had a fundamental question, “Does social media really work?” Micheal and Karen made this quick educational video to explain two critical elements about marketing and branding yourself and social media should be used in creating content to promote yourself.

I had found Micheal and Karen’s videos before, and while they were helpful for me in regards with regards to of topic branding yourself, I had no concept what that would mean to me as an instructor. Micheal and Karen have videos on all topics of business and how to make it work with the yoga industry. Now that I have a better understanding of online marketing and social media I can incorporate their point of views into developing my strategies.



The Embodiment Channel

Mark Walsh

Published January 9, 2017

The embodiment channel focuses on life coaching, leadership, business training, stress management, and communication. Mark Walsh with “The embodiment channel,” talks about the benefits of online marketing for instructors or life coaches, that promoting what “you do as transformational types people” that makes your classes unique, is knowing the benefit of what you do. Know what you are trying to achieve so you can incorporate that into marketing material and promote yourself. So have a compelling offer and build relationships with people. Take time to assess your competition and be real about your marketing strategy, that if you do not have time to be consistent in your marketing then hire someone to do it for you.

If I want to grow my audience and design marketing strategies, I would follow Mark’s lead to research my direct competition in my surrounding communities to see if I can fill the gaps they may be missing. Mark has different tactics in his approach to strategies, I hope to utilize these resources to give me an edge.


tedtalk logo Morgan Spurlock

 Published on Mar 15, 2013

“If you take chance, if you take risks, that in those risks will come opportunity.”  Do not be afraid to take opportunities that may scare you. Embrace fear, embrace risks, and embrace transparency. Morgan Spurlock is inspirational in his TedTalk about thinking outside the box in using branding. His humor about explaining how he used branding as the theme to create this TedTalk, which showed his behind the scenes of embarrassing moments in the project, is entertaining and his transparency of the risks he took for a movie is inspirational. I took his message about taking unconventional risks in your branding, and in telling your story, you will find your opportunity.


TEDX Naimul Huq

Published April 9, 2015

In his TEDxUNC 2015 talk, Naimul Huq discusses how he focuses on bettering the tools available to companies and making them more user-friendly in order to encourage customer interaction. He talks about marketing like creating a conversation about who you are and what you are promising the public with your brands. People have a strong attraction to trivial matters and put too much weight on negative influencers vs.”‘hearing” the value.

Naimul shares the emotion attached to pictures from another perspective in his telling of stories how marketers had to convince their clients about taking a different approach to influence consumers, that by creating your brand voice your clients will convert to a loyal following. I understand how incorporating these techniques are valuable such as peer-to-peer influencing. It is important to take apart your branding, and make adjustments, so that it will speak to your audience on an emotional level. I will use his ideas in finding my brand voice.


Higher Living Yoga

Matt Hall

February 17, 2017

Higher Living Yoga blog is about teaching or coaching yoga professionals everything about social media to promote you or your website in the yoga community. They offer videos, webinars, and courses specific to the yoga industry.  Matt Hall talks about how to use Affiliate Marketing to gain more revenue by marketing their products through your social media avenues. Affiliate marketing is basically a referral program that pays you to refer their products. Matt’s video takes you through the steps of how to join an affiliate program. This is not going to generate large amounts of revenue but can be used as an organic means to obtain extra funds that can be incorporated into your online marketing strategy.

Matt’s blog is about creating other avenues of revenue through your social media you are already using to promote yourself. I would focus learning these strategies and techniques that would bring engagement.



Yoga Anatomy Academy

How to Be a Mermaid: Smart Sequencing for Naginyasana

November 21, 2016

The founder, Dr. Ariele Foster, is a doctor of physical therapy and a yoga teacher who has beautiful blog posts on yoga anatomy and how to simplify a pose, so people do not hurt themselves in class. This would be a blog post to follow for sharing other people’s content throughout my social media. The pictures and explanations are excellent. What I think is lovely about this blog post is that a free PDF  is included with instructions on “How to be a mermaid.” Online mentorships,  training retreats, and training for continuing education credits are available. For using other people’s content, I would share their blog posts and Twitter posts. From what I have seen on Facebook are that posts are mostly trying to have people make a purchase. The wording on Facebook feels like a sales pitch, and I lost interest.



Image result for YOGA ALLIANCE LOGO


ABOUT: Yoga Alliance is the largest international non-profit association representing the yoga community.

Yoga Alliance’s Twitter feed is perfect as an instructor for  sharing other people’s content. They provide educational tools, community events, beautiful pictures, well-produced videos, content for teaching kids, and cross-promoting  for equipment used in the industry. They share worldwide happenings in the yoga community such a charity helping refugees recover from atrocities through practicing yoga. Then there are also beautiful pictures with inspirational quotes to post to keep the “top of the mind” with your audience.

This is the best generator of other people’s content with high value for the marketer. I would add this to my content marketing strategy for fast, easy, and quality content daily.


Yoga Journal Twitter          Image result for yoga journal logo


ABOUT: Yoga Journal magazine, your go-to yoga guide for 40 years. Follow #YogaJournal for tips, inspiration and special offers you cannot resist.

Yoga Journal is another Twitter feed to find great content. Wonderful pictures, informational content, teaching resources for instructors, self-help tutorials for the yogis working on perfecting their poses. What Yoga Journal is doing differently from Yoga Alliance is Yoga Journal is putting #hashtags into their content to open conversation with the community.

I would use Yoga Journal for existing content to retweet .  Having more resources to fill in gaps of producing everything for my own platforms will help find new followers. I would  retweet this content to take advantage of the #hashtags to be a part of conversations and to build trust, branding and new followers.


Image may contain: text

The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

ABOUT: DGGYST is a small business owner, ex-foster child, super wife, child & sexual abuse survivor, world traveler, amazing cook, and a financial mastermind who has gone from homeless to happy. DGGYST is an odds-beater, an ass kicker, and a name taker. (This I stumbled on while trying to find her name, her identity she does not seem to want to make public.)

So DGGYST Blog is about beauty, money, health, & DG Lifestyle with in-your-face humor from a real person perspective. When I stumbled on her blog for meditation, immediately I was engaged and laughed out loud. She talked about how hard meditating is for her but has value if you practice. Her personality in blogging mirrors my personality in teaching. I understand my niche of students that get ME and enjoy my non-traditional approach to yoga.

I am using this blogger for the entertainment value of her content. She speaks on topics I do not care to write about but I understand these areas are a part of real life.



Image result for FORBES LOGO

How Yoga Is Spreading In The U.S.

Alice G. Walton, contributor

March 15, 2016 @ 10:28 AM

Alice writes an article, for Forbes, about how the evolution of the yoga community in the United States is astounding, with measurable numbers of people practicing, greater prevelance of instructors and studios, to the amount of merchandise carried by retailers. Research has shown that the reasons people are joining in on this evolution, are that 56% of people surveyed do it for stress relief. People that do not practice but plan to soon, their reason is their interest in the basic enjoyment of yoga.

This article is great for content writing and using the studied demographics for audience reach.


Yoga Alliance    

60 interesting findings about Yoga in America in 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016

In this article shared by Seattle Yoga News from Yoga Alliance, a survey was completed in the yoga community that further breaks down the data about the people practicing. The survey studied the lifestyles of yogis, who are practicing, why they are practicing, and many more thought-provoking facts about the yoga community. This is an incredible treasure to use in creating content for marketing your brand throughout many demographics. Also to help reach more specific niches in the industry that a wide-ranging marketing campaign would miss.

Surveys are influential in designing content in your online marketing plan. Since each survey has targeted results, it is essential for essential for staying on top of current trends.


seattle times logo

 Make the most of LinkedIn with these expert tips

Cheryl Hall

Originally published April 15, 2016, at 1:17 am

Updated April 15, 2016, at 6:39 am

LinkedIn has become the business world’s version of Facebook for finding potential clients and developing relationships in connecting through the LinkedIn network. Using LinkedIn as a career power tool to build a brand reputation in the digital world will help build a smarter network based on quality over quantity.

“It’s critical to sprinkle your personality in wherever you can on LinkedIn,” Sammons says. “That’s how you make the human connection and resonate with the right people.” Stephanie Sammons (“Linked to Influence,” Dallas consultant Stephanie Sammons)

This article showed me more of how to use my personal LinkedIn and goals to set for a business LinkedIn. The article explains that people using LinkedIn are looking at quality over quantity, that I  should choose my content differently for LinkedIn, and that I should research the demographics of the professionals on LinkedIn with a connection to yoga.



Tacoma News Tribune

 Hot yoga studio gives back to community with donation-based classes
Allison Needles

November 9, 2016 @ 1:07 PM

Giving back to your community is a part of yoga, not just the in-studio community but also to organizations that affect your community. These two local ladies have found a newsworthy cause to share how they are incorporating giving back through their business. They have also created an opportunity for their students to be involved by just coming to a donation based class, a win-win for all.

This is not uncommon in studios to provide donation-based classes.  My experience has been that studio managers and teachers are always focused in participating in charities and creative ways to include their students. What is important about the article to me, is knowing what my ‘local’ competition is doing; the bonus is that the local newspaper felt important enough to write an article about these ladies.







Tacoma News Tribune

 While not always graceful, Gig Harbor football players reap benefits of yoga

 Jon Manley

July 14, 2016 @ 10:16 AM

(“None of us are very good at it, obviously,”_ said Gig Harbor senior defensive back Marc Fletcher. “We’re football players who do it twice a week, so none of us are very flexible. It’s a good team-bonding experience. It’s a good laugh, as a team.”
Flexibility is the main reason Chantler has included yoga as part of the team’s offseason regimen. The current instructor, Toria Southworth, is the older sister of Christian Southworth, who played for Chantler in the past.”) -excerpt from the article

I remember years ago, hearing about how a professional baseball league added ballet classes to the training schedule to add more grace, to the players’ movements improving, their performance, a crazy idea at the time. Now professional teams are finding the benefits of adding yoga to training to increase flexibility, focus on breathing, and work muscles that strength training misses. For this local high school football coach to incorporate yoga into the team’s off-season, it better prepares their bodies for the season and also continues building the team as a unit and helps to prevent injuries. I had already thought about creating classes for teens around seasons for the same reasons. To have a local article to add value to the credibility of the program, is a win!

ARTICLE: bonus

WeTravel Logo (www.wetravel.com)

Yoga Marketing-How To Make Google Love Your Yoga Site 

Sander Sillavee

(No published date/not from a credible resource for project)

I stumbled on this article from Wetravel, a company I had not heard of before that is all about travel with yoga on the agenda, creating a lifestyle of yoga travels for yogis but also for studios. Wetravel is a business page to help studios plan and implement retreats. Wetravel provides resources that can be added to your website for creating a booking page, collecting payments, and managing your bookings. I love finding this to make this available to my studio.

The article I found that Sander Sillavee wrote simplifies using  Google to drive traffic to your content.  I would use is this information by printing it out, to have ready as a 5-point checklist before publishing anything onto the internet. Think of it as CliffsNotes to finalize your materials.



How to Build SEO into Content Strategy

LinkedIn Slideshare

Jonathon Colman

Published October 25, 2012

Search Engine Optimization is important to drive traffic to your social media and should be practiced with every piece of content you are designing. So obviously the goal is to gain more visibility to your websites, posts, media, and tweets through ‘organic’, natural, or unpaid for ways through the internet. The bonus is the better you are at incorporating SEO’s the better the rankings in search engines to reach your audience. This is an area in online marketing that I do not have a strong grasp of and need to find more content to educate me.


The 2017 Content Marketing Framework

LinkedIn Slideshare

Content Marketing Institute

Published October 12, 2016

Now that I am beginning to have an understanding of how online marketing works and the potential of reaching a wider market demographic and also having a strategy to find niches of followers, I need to work on content for the new audiences. Along with creating engaging content, there needs to be a strategy that I can work with as my business goals are beginning to expand the possibilities of creating an effective content strategy. From the few techniques that I have starting using to engage the audience, I have already seen momentum forward. The bonus is if I can continue that momentum without spending money!


Webinar: Your Facebook 2017 Content Master Plan


Published December 2, 2016

Doesn’t everything in the world now rotate around Facebook? Our friends, our businesses, politics, if we are happy or disgusted with the world we need to check with Facebook first. This is the social media 800-pound gorilla that cannot be ignored in a marketing plan. Those that have mastered content but are still not getting seen on Facebook, is like asking do you really exist. So I need to have a content master plan with Facebook designed to engage, call to action, with a whole lot of cross-promoting back and forth, seems exhausting! I have read a lot of material and listened to videos that promise once you understand it, you can make things happen on Facebook!


The Best Time to Post on Facebook & Twitter | 2017

LinkedIn Slideshare

Douglas Mitchell

Publish January 30, 2017

To organize your Facebook posts to bounce off  your Twitter posts seems like a two-for-one strategy. This would be a valuable time-saving plan to have your Facebook and Twitter share content and then use marketers resources breaking down for optimal audience engagement times. This would be information I want in my back pocket. Definitely, I want to place my posts in time slots to increase audience engagement and conversation. This slide share gets straight to the facts without all the extra technical jargon. It feels like a cheat sheet.


Advanced Twitter Workshop 2017

LinkedIn Slideshare


published January 18, 2017

It was an unknown to me how to utilize Twitter as a resource for social media marketing. I understood the popularity of how many people were using it to interact with others, follow breaking news, or what the White House was saying today. The function that it could serve to driving traffic to my business remained a mystery. Even setting up an account and looking at the tools provided did not show inspiration on what to do with it. This Twitter workshop seems to break down the components to organize your account, and to know “what” and “when” to Tweet and other essentials for using this in your online marketing plan.



With an improved appreciation of how online marketing, branding, and posting to social media is so much more than just posting, posting, posting and they will come,  I now realize in reality this has little effect in fetching the masses.  I have learned my tactic to online marketing and promoting has altered dramatically with how I view content. I have begun to identify aspects of other people’s marketing that is inadequate. Though they perhaps, have the same mindset that I did.

Recognizing concepts in how to reach niches of demographics was inspiring so that I could communicate to them. Having a grasp of what quality content looks like, makes sorting and passing over inadequate information much more manageable, so as not to bore my audience with the quantity of inappropriate content, while providing information that will be liked and shared, and driving up my rankings.

Designing an online marketing strategy is so essential, to use the power of the internet to my fullest, to uncover a bigger audience, to convert them to followers and then to lifelong and loyal students in my studio.

I discovered that branding not only needed to be consistent across all media platforms, but I needed to look at it as my branding voice and how it speaks to people. Pictures speak 1000 words, not every pleasing picture is making the correct statement to your audience.

  The reality is, there is so much more involved to being engaged with students through social media. Before, I relied on students to share class posts and hoped that through them that would expand interest in exploring my classes. It was thrilling to get a little bit of momentum of new people interested in what happens in my classes.

Reflecting back to conversations with yogis working with “types” of groups (i.e., cross-fitters, runners, cyclist, anxiety and depression) one-on-one I knew what I needed to tell them. I was not able to reach people outside the class and share how my services could benefit them.

The ability to access the smaller niches to share content, speaking their language into their worlds is essential also. Taking my online marketing strategies further and working ‘behind the scenes of the internet,’ I feel my presence will be better optimized in reaching different populations. In this way, I will have ability to have the same conversations that I have with individuals reach directly to the online public.

Twitter to Enhance Marketing and Promoting

Week 4- BUS 134 blog post

Using Twitter as a micro-blog to your relevant content of the business is a tool that widespread in many industries from small businesses, to celebrities, to the White House! A few of the reasons that businesses found Twitter useful in their marketing goals is to stay top of mind, promote loyalty rewards programs and share coupons and or bargains.

So one way, Twitter can be used to create content that will is retweeted so that a varied audience might discover their business. This strategy follows making Tweets that are funny, educational, or relevant to current topic trends. Then tweet a ‘call to action’ post. Sharing a special discount, attending an event, or check out their website. This could mean following a 9/10 tweeting posts; fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, call to action.

Use #Hashtags to promote is another way to spread to a broader audience. This plan is to create a list of words that apart of your industry culture that another person would use looking up topics. Then include these words in tweets. So write a micro-blog tweet trailed with a stream of #hashtags to catch a twitter follower.

Using other people’s content is another avenue to add material that is relevant to your industry. Look for subjects that might be interesting, humorous, or inspires an emotional reaction. The goal again the potential to be retweeted, liked, followed, or be seen in new demographics that possibly gain a new traffic to your doors.

Make your Business Kickass with LinkedIn!

W3-BUS 134 blog post

So you are following the rules to promote your business, read all the books for dummies. Still, you need more. It is time to excited about your business, spread the enthusiasm to gain a new audience because you are a rockstar in your industry…and people need to know it!

So three quick ideas to add more life to your LinkedIn profile!

Update your status on a regular basis. This will give your audience the feeling of activity.  In the article “5 Steps to Market Yourself on LinkedIn,” you should follow an 80/20 guide. That is changing your post once a week and 8 out of 10 posts should incorporate your brand.

Online Resume is that always working even when you are not, so take the time to keep this update.  Lifehack’s article :

16 Useful LinkedIn Tips to Promote Yourself

This goes without saying, and yet, so many choose to leave their profiles incomplete. On a platform built for professionals, an incomplete profile makes you look like anything but that.

  • Make the time to make sure that your history (summary, education, and work) is complete.
  • Give those who would like to connect with you the ability to connect with you on multiple platforms, and add your websites and contact information as well.
  • Remember to add samples of your work as well.


Update and plugin more skills are helpful for a quick reference to how you add value. Since you can add more skills than the suggestions from LinkedIn, but you need ideas, take time to other at other peoples skills to brainstorm skill descriptions. A great way to add a few new skill ideas!


Interactive Blogging by Design


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How-to post:

How-to-write blog posts that increase creditability and expertise gather new readers and a loyal following?

Well, writing a ‘How-to’ post can stick around longer which has the potential to be shared and liked more often. ‘How-to-do-something’ blogs that are strategic, easy to read instructions, lists or videos are about 38% of blog traffic.

How to break selecting content for a creating a utility style post can be broken down further into three categories according to the audience you are writing to attract by broad, narrowly focused, and topical.

Image from HubSpot Research.

Humorous post:

In a world, that has taken being politically correct to new extremes; laughter is needed in this world. To be honest, I look for things that will make me laugh out loud…literally!

According to the DILBERT.BLOG by Scott Adams the topic is half the work and remember to keep it simple and short sentences.

Essential elements of humor:

  • Cute
  •  Clever
  • Bizarre
  • Cruel
  • Naughty
  • Recognizable

Quote post:

Quotes are another way to gain interaction from your audience. According to ProBlogger, there are four key reasons to why quotes are useful. In Problogger’s article:

The Why, How and When of Using Quotations on Your Blog

  1. You’ll Stand Out from Other Bloggers by Including Different Views
  2. Your Blog May be Seen as Higher Quality
  3. You’ll Find Yourself Doing More Research
  4. You’ll Get Noticed be the People You Quote

Beginning a post with a quote can set the tone for the blog. Also using quotes can add inspiration, humor, or sentiment to the content you are sharing.

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