Marketing Strategies for Your Budget


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Facebook paid to advertise:

Implementing Facebook for paid advertising has a higher reach for marketing campaigns to more people, than your immediate Facebook audience. This will help in building brand awareness, increase traffic, more engagement, and sales. In creating more exposure for your businesses website, users will be able to download a mobile app for your company or make purchases.


Google AdWords:

According to Google for every $1 spent on Google Adwords generally, businesses make an average of $2.  Creating a PPC (Pay-Per-Click)  ads for marketing using Google AdWords, so optimizing this resource for your marketing goals is beneficial for finding new users to your website.


Display Advertising:

There are many benefits for generating leads with display advertising, such as building brand awareness. Using display advertising especially on Google, ads will appear on diverse types of websites within the Google network such as; YouTube, blogs, Gmail and many more sites. To help build your relevant audience, you can target specific demographics, zip codes, and interests.

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According to recent research about Email marketing, this is a useful tool for attracting and retaining customers. Take into consideration that your target audience is checking their emails both on desktop and mobile; this is an efficient tool to specialize your message to your audience.

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Mobile marketing is a tremendously useful way to promote your amenities, raise brand awareness and boost loyalty because you can reach your audience instantly. Taking advantage of the increasing dependency people have on their smartphones, that most text messages are opened in a matter of minutes, that companies should exploit this ‘instant’ factor in marketing strategies. Companies can execute location-aware marketing campaigns that cannot be utilized through other channels. Also, consumers are ‘opting-in’ for information, coupons, and discounts which makes this resource very useful.

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Since Instagram works very similar to Facebook with paid advertising, reaching larger targeted audiences because they are run by the same company. So to  better utilize this platform, link your Instagram and Facebook accounts together.

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Content Marketing:

Content is the groundwork for any respectable marketing plan; a business needs good content to support your advertising. Companies using customer-centric content saves money, increases direct sales, generates leads, and improves brand loyalty.