Trying to start a business…but sometimes inner thoughts talk you out it?!

When your inner thoughts begin to destroy all the efforts you have made to design a business you are passionate about. When you have done all the research, yet committing to taking the chance on you, then it is time to find someone that is on your side and remind you why this is important for you.

Daniel Ally will remind you why you wanted to start your business when frustration and self-doubt creep in to take control of your thoughts!

Daniel Ally
Published on July 13, 2017

1. Freedom

2. Income

3. Lifestyle

4. People

5. Opportunities

Researching Great Examples of Business Role Models

Blog Post: Week 2

MGNT 137

Honest Soul is where I did my teacher training in Virginia. With positive action phrases painted on the wall of ‘Lead with Love’ and ‘Transformation Starts Here’ has a very active and growing community of yogis. In fact, the owner has built her business from a one-room studio to a three-room to three locations within five years of opening her doors.

Watching this studio grow makes excited to open my doors and jump in! Though I am working on getting by business plan and strategies worked out for success.

I first became aware of Three Trees Yoga was from a few of my Yogis that have visited their studio. Their feedback was great about their experiences. Though I have not been there yet, I have been researching what Three Trees has to offer.

Three Trees has put together thoughtful and inspirational classes and teacher training programs. The owners have put a lot of thought and care into their yoga community.