Taking Care of Business…Learn Something New!

This week I’m researching marketing tips to implement in social media strategies.

In scanning for a YouTube video to review, I want to find a speaker that gets to the nuts & bolts of what their video has to offer. Tyson Zahner hit amazing action words like dominate, attract, and buy that spoke to me. As the viewer that spiked my curiosity to give him 2 minutes to see what Tyson can share with me.
As a prospect to his knowledge, he disclosed his strategies to 5 questions to ask yourself about how your marketing your product and is your method inspiring the buyers to purchase your product?

I believe that taking the time to discover a new strategy from other people that are in your industry should be incorporated in your ‘things to do’ for your business. Tyson shares 5 strategies that you can implement into your marketing immediately!

Tyson Zahner
Published on October 24, 2018

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Sharing 8 of My Business Links I’ve been Hoarding!

8 Ways to Take Care of Business

Since I have stepped out of real life to go back to school to take business and social media marketing classes, I possess a collection of websites and resources for future use. So I have concluded to stop hoarding and share of my favorite links!

I am going to pay-it-forward and share the hard work these authors put into their articles!

Some the links I did not know how to obtain the information it provides. Other links I was totally unaware of how valuable the knowledge was they offered. Others I stumbled on that defiantly was worth keeping for future use.

Business Resources

  1. Learn how to use Google Adwords to improve your rankings
  2. From Smart Insights learn how to use Google Analytics
  3. Running out of ideas of how to ask for ‘comments, likes, and shares’ for your posts. Check this out from Mannix
  4. Social Media law and 5 things you should know from LegalZoom
  5. Going Viral on Pinterest: Driving Big Traffic and Making Pinterest a Real Marketing Solution article from Mozz
  6. How to price your products – a simple formula from Launch Grow Joy with pricing calculator
  7. What is a title tag? explained by Moz
  8. Building Deep Links Into E-Commerce Product Pages article by Moz

More to come…

Don’t keep this to yourself! These are great links to articles to share with other business peeps working online.

Do you have some links you have been hoarding also? Did you write a useful article also?

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Wrapping up marketing class…

W10 BUS134

Trying to figure out what was my favorite module is hard because when I understood the possibilities that each piece of information has in added value in marketing, I was excited to get put words into action.

What was complicated for me was technical behind the scenes jargon of the internet. Anything that had complicated directions to ‘find’ information or too much information to explain something that should be a few bullets of explanation set my A.D.D on fire.

The area that I am looking forward to working with to create a fantastic internet presence is Facebook. Facebook seems to be the center if everyone’s world of information and entertainment. Facebook is an excellent resource for a small business with a limited budget. Alternatively, looking to be very strategic with your marketing budget. It is a great way to keep your business at the top of peoples mind but also gives a platform to link your social media through.

Facebook is an avenue to get brand awareness through word of mouth by “likes” and “shares” of you content that could send new leads to your website. A business can run promotions through the pages and reach more people to engage and drive traffic to your website than the days of buying newspaper ads.

Social Media Security… Are You Risking Too Much?

W9 BUS134

The Security Risks in Social Media: Interview with Joseph Steinberg


February 22, 2017

Joseph Steinberg, a cybersecurity expert, and author created his latest invention to help businesses manage risks related to using social media. He explains the how the United States are living proof how the free market works in creating better products but how criminals are just as focused to find weak links to the security chain. Joseph also explains how our technology evolves so quickly with market demands, but our government has set the bar too low in legislation and moves too slow in the legislature to keep up with the social media evolution.

I like the concept of this idea of ‘securemysocial’ monitoring and even deleting problematic posts that employees may have mistaking put up without understanding how the content of a post could be misused. Once a military spouse, we were very aware of how to use or possibly misuse social media with guidelines that were sent out by the military, or updated as a new trend of ‘scams’ would be affecting military people. To have something monitoring the details would be a great asset indeed. In fact, I have listened in to military people chatting to another to remove a post from social media because of something in the background that was not spotted before.

To have another resource to watch for possible weak links, too much-given information that could be used by criminals seeking out easy opportunities would be a great assist to businesses using social media for marketing.

PEPIJN, DAAN. “The Security Risks in Social Media.” Business.com, 22 Feb. 2017, http://www.business.com/articles/interview-with-joseph-steinberg-the-security-risks-in-social-media/.

Business Reviews, The Power is in the Feedback!

W7 BUS134

Are you missing out how to make business reviews a powerful resource to optimize your business. Do you shy away from looking at reviews for fear of the negative comments that are hurting your business, then STOP taking a back seat, take the wheel and find out how to work these resources!

Get reviews on Google


Find all the sites that have reviews of your business and verify you are the owner. Then make sure your contact information is current and details are consistient across in all these sites.  Fill in desriptions and details of services provided. Add pictures, visuals are always an easy selling point for trust. Use keywords to help searches being done by customers find your business.

6 Ways to Make Online Reviews Work for Your Business


If you want to have big impact on the role reviews play in boosting conversions, you have to put the time. Think about this, the more reviews a product has, the more social proof and credibility your business has, which converts to a trust factor for customers.

Make your product stand out from the competion, create as many organic means to find your services.

Some simple strategies can be followed that can drive up your rankings in searches, build trust in the commuinty, and find your customers. Many online customers while in their searching, turn to reviews when looking for new services or products, so ingoring what is happening in your reviews could possibly be influeincing customers decisions to stay away from your business.

How Positive Customer Reviews Can Help Your Business


The good, the bad, the ugly will help you look at how your business is doing, but also what people are saying about you. Feedback will help you evaluate the areas of your business that needs work or if things are running excellent. There is a social trust that follows the reviews people are making about you.

Neglecting your reviews could be costing you loyatly and profits. Do not stand by and let reviews be your branding talking voice!

Explain how browsing on Pinterest works and the different ways it can be searched


BUS 134

Image result for how pinterest works

Have you found that Pinterest has made the world so much more intersting because of the unlimited amounts of resources that have intertwined through this amazing  social media platform? From inspiration, to motivation, how-to-do this, or why you need that!                                                                    The dreamboards you can create for traveling the world or shopping for the special gift, Pinterest has become a favorite go-to website for anything and everything.

Image result for how to search pinterest  How to use pinterest to find collectable ideas has many designs built within so you can build your boards on your site. Search or browse on Pinterest a topic or thought, suggestions will drop down to help you narrow in on topics of interest. Finding a theme to your interest can lead to more boards for you to explore.

You have a favorite company that you love their products and services and want to keep up with their latest and greatest

Image result for how to search pinterest companiesnew products or services the are producing, then Pinterest is a resource for you. Use Google to find you company by typing site:pinterest.com  plus your keywords. Then you can follow the company for news and/or follow a board that is specific to your desires.

When you find an item that you find interesting Pin it to a board you have created in Pinterest. So the universe is your catalog to searching for all that your heart desires and Pinterest has the way to collect and organize these wonders of the world!Image result for how to search pinterest boards




YOUTUBE for your Social Marketing Plan

W5- BUS 134


The power of adding video content to your social media marketing to reach people with your message and your content is a valuable resource to incorporate into marketing your business. Youtube has made hosting videos and sharing easy even for the novice to utilize this medium for your content.

There are three uses for video content to marketing your business.

#1 Supportive Use of Video:

  •  Video allows you to introduce you and your business and give a non-threatening way give your pitch to a potential customer
  • This is another avenue to share your products and information, engage the customer in knowledge about your services.
  • Sharing and across other social media is convenient: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog


#2 Search Discovery or SEO use of Video:

After Google, Youtube is the #2 search engine, it also has the biggest searches for “HOW-TO” do something. So take advantage of this and created your “HOW-TO” videos for content to share.

Then optimize like crazy your video with SEOs:

  • Create your video
  • Optimize the video title
  • Optimize the video description
  • Optimize the video transcript
  • optimize the video tags

These are all areas that need to be key-word heavy to make the top-ranked videos in searches.

#3 Sharing and Viral Videos:

Videos ARE the most shared content across social media, largely because of emotional content, this drives us in social media.

Emotions that get us to engage:

  • Funny
  • Shocking
  • Provactive
  • Outrageous
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Outrage
  • sentimentality

Humor is what goes viral. Humor is safe to share without controversy, we can emotionally engage and share a moment with others.

Try it out…find a video that makes you laugh out loud and share it, ask your friends to write a comment about it, and see how many people you made laugh today!

Twitter to Enhance Marketing and Promoting

Week 4- BUS 134 blog post

Using Twitter as a micro-blog to your relevant content of the business is a tool that widespread in many industries from small businesses, to celebrities, to the White House! A few of the reasons that businesses found Twitter useful in their marketing goals is to stay top of mind, promote loyalty rewards programs and share coupons and or bargains.

So one way, Twitter can be used to create content that will is retweeted so that a varied audience might discover their business. This strategy follows making Tweets that are funny, educational, or relevant to current topic trends. Then tweet a ‘call to action’ post. Sharing a special discount, attending an event, or check out their website. This could mean following a 9/10 tweeting posts; fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, call to action.

Use #Hashtags to promote is another way to spread to a broader audience. This plan is to create a list of words that apart of your industry culture that another person would use looking up topics. Then include these words in tweets. So write a micro-blog tweet trailed with a stream of #hashtags to catch a twitter follower.

Using other people’s content is another avenue to add material that is relevant to your industry. Look for subjects that might be interesting, humorous, or inspires an emotional reaction. The goal again the potential to be retweeted, liked, followed, or be seen in new demographics that possibly gain a new traffic to your doors.

Make your Business Kickass with LinkedIn!

W3-BUS 134 blog post

So you are following the rules to promote your business, read all the books for dummies. Still, you need more. It is time to excited about your business, spread the enthusiasm to gain a new audience because you are a rockstar in your industry…and people need to know it!

So three quick ideas to add more life to your LinkedIn profile!

Update your status on a regular basis. This will give your audience the feeling of activity.  In the article “5 Steps to Market Yourself on LinkedIn,” you should follow an 80/20 guide. That is changing your post once a week and 8 out of 10 posts should incorporate your brand.

Online Resume is that always working even when you are not, so take the time to keep this update.  Lifehack’s article :

16 Useful LinkedIn Tips to Promote Yourself

This goes without saying, and yet, so many choose to leave their profiles incomplete. On a platform built for professionals, an incomplete profile makes you look like anything but that.

  • Make the time to make sure that your history (summary, education, and work) is complete.
  • Give those who would like to connect with you the ability to connect with you on multiple platforms, and add your websites and contact information as well.
  • Remember to add samples of your work as well.


Update and plugin more skills are helpful for a quick reference to how you add value. Since you can add more skills than the suggestions from LinkedIn, but you need ideas, take time to other at other peoples skills to brainstorm skill descriptions. A great way to add a few new skill ideas!


Interactive Blogging by Design


ppl inspire you

W2-Intro Social Media

How-to post:

How-to-write blog posts that increase creditability and expertise gather new readers and a loyal following?

Well, writing a ‘How-to’ post can stick around longer which has the potential to be shared and liked more often. ‘How-to-do-something’ blogs that are strategic, easy to read instructions, lists or videos are about 38% of blog traffic.

How to break selecting content for a creating a utility style post can be broken down further into three categories according to the audience you are writing to attract by broad, narrowly focused, and topical.

Image from HubSpot Research.

Humorous post:

In a world, that has taken being politically correct to new extremes; laughter is needed in this world. To be honest, I look for things that will make me laugh out loud…literally!

According to the DILBERT.BLOG by Scott Adams the topic is half the work and remember to keep it simple and short sentences.

Essential elements of humor:

  • Cute
  •  Clever
  • Bizarre
  • Cruel
  • Naughty
  • Recognizable

Quote post:

Quotes are another way to gain interaction from your audience. According to ProBlogger, there are four key reasons to why quotes are useful. In Problogger’s article:

The Why, How and When of Using Quotations on Your Blog

  1. You’ll Stand Out from Other Bloggers by Including Different Views
  2. Your Blog May be Seen as Higher Quality
  3. You’ll Find Yourself Doing More Research
  4. You’ll Get Noticed be the People You Quote

Beginning a post with a quote can set the tone for the blog. Also using quotes can add inspiration, humor, or sentiment to the content you are sharing.

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