Self-confidence as a skill

TEDx Talks

Published on Jan 13, 2012

I had heard this before from another speaker that described self-confidence as a skill. A brain training of mind over soul destroying self-talk. I ran with this new idea, I did not need to be born with confidence, I could develop it, teach myself some skills to shut down the self-talk and replace with the information I need to focus my energy on.

In networking for myself, my self-doubt nose dives into the mud. Feelings about what value I have to offer is not interesting enough for others to listen to what I bring to the table.

Branding myself, self-doubt takes over about my message does this work for others, will others like these ideas. or the best one; no one will like my message, colors, or even name.

Action Begins Success
Published on May 15, 2017

What I forgot to do, was to keep practicing building on my self-confidence. This is not a one and done teaching, this is roll up your sleeves and keep attacking the negative thoughts with bigger and better thoughts.

So here is how I do this, I need to get out of the house, away from the people chattering garbage into my ears. Put on my headset and start walking. Listen to great speakers and motivators. Then listen again!

When do you stop? I don’t know, maybe after I wear out another pair of shoes.

Trying to start a business…but sometimes inner thoughts talk you out it?!

When your inner thoughts begin to destroy all the efforts you have made to design a business you are passionate about. When you have done all the research, yet committing to taking the chance on you, then it is time to find someone that is on your side and remind you why this is important for you.

Daniel Ally will remind you why you wanted to start your business when frustration and self-doubt creep in to take control of your thoughts!

Daniel Ally
Published on July 13, 2017

1. Freedom

2. Income

3. Lifestyle

4. People

5. Opportunities

Taking Care of Business…Learn Something New!

This week I’m researching marketing tips to implement in social media strategies.

In scanning for a YouTube video to review, I want to find a speaker that gets to the nuts & bolts of what their video has to offer. Tyson Zahner hit amazing action words like dominate, attract, and buy that spoke to me. As the viewer that spiked my curiosity to give him 2 minutes to see what Tyson can share with me.
As a prospect to his knowledge, he disclosed his strategies to 5 questions to ask yourself about how your marketing your product and is your method inspiring the buyers to purchase your product?

I believe that taking the time to discover a new strategy from other people that are in your industry should be incorporated in your ‘things to do’ for your business. Tyson shares 5 strategies that you can implement into your marketing immediately!

Tyson Zahner
Published on October 24, 2018

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The Money Side of Creating a Business

It was time to put pencil to paper and learn how to create a cash flow analysis. This is a valuable tool to look at your resources, expenses, areas of improvement, and times of shortages.

Thinking creatively to find ways to generate revenue, ways to avoid adding unnecessary new debt, or taking time to enjoy success because you took the time to research about smart finances and operating a business!


Published on Jul 2, 2018

Taking Care of Business

I am always looking for advice, methods, and hacks to simplify my life by design…

I have found that life turns to continuous situations of ongoing chaos. There seem to be days that run into each other, continually doing things, but with no structure or design to my day, life begins to feel like lost days, I cannot remember any essential details or any accomplishments for your effort.
Then it is time to take control of the areas of your world that you can manage! A morning routine, with thoughtful ideas on ways to improve the quality of how to start your day, will have positive effects on how to handle the rest of the day.
So I love to find things that make life just a little bit better!

Credit to InspirationWordLove

This infographic is fantastic for designing your start of the day.

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Sharing 8 of My Business Links I’ve been Hoarding!

8 Ways to Take Care of Business

Since I have stepped out of real life to go back to school to take business and social media marketing classes, I possess a collection of websites and resources for future use. So I have concluded to stop hoarding and share of my favorite links!

I am going to pay-it-forward and share the hard work these authors put into their articles!

Some the links I did not know how to obtain the information it provides. Other links I was totally unaware of how valuable the knowledge was they offered. Others I stumbled on that defiantly was worth keeping for future use.

Business Resources

  1. Learn how to use Google Adwords to improve your rankings
  2. From Smart Insights learn how to use Google Analytics
  3. Running out of ideas of how to ask for ‘comments, likes, and shares’ for your posts. Check this out from Mannix
  4. Social Media law and 5 things you should know from LegalZoom
  5. Going Viral on Pinterest: Driving Big Traffic and Making Pinterest a Real Marketing Solution article from Mozz
  6. How to price your products – a simple formula from Launch Grow Joy with pricing calculator
  7. What is a title tag? explained by Moz
  8. Building Deep Links Into E-Commerce Product Pages article by Moz

More to come…

Don’t keep this to yourself! These are great links to articles to share with other business peeps working online.

Do you have some links you have been hoarding also? Did you write a useful article also?

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Researching Great Examples of Business Role Models

Blog Post: Week 2

MGNT 137

Honest Soul is where I did my teacher training in Virginia. With positive action phrases painted on the wall of ‘Lead with Love’ and ‘Transformation Starts Here’ has a very active and growing community of yogis. In fact, the owner has built her business from a one-room studio to a three-room to three locations within five years of opening her doors.

Watching this studio grow makes excited to open my doors and jump in! Though I am working on getting by business plan and strategies worked out for success.

I first became aware of Three Trees Yoga was from a few of my Yogis that have visited their studio. Their feedback was great about their experiences. Though I have not been there yet, I have been researching what Three Trees has to offer.

Three Trees has put together thoughtful and inspirational classes and teacher training programs. The owners have put a lot of thought and care into their yoga community.

Starting a New Life with Passion and Core Values

I would not say I lived in a household were core values had meaning for raising a family. There definitely was a time when the adults decided that the responsibilities of being married or parents were done. So how I decided I still needed to graduate high school while couch surfing, I do not know since no one else seemed to care. Late in life, I was determined to find what my own personal strengths were to help design my new life as a forty-something divorcee. I was desperately searching for guidance to discover my core values. My fundamental principles that define the person that I now am. Also, how these values could be the foundation for designing my future yoga studio to create a community of teachers and yogis for lifelong relationships.

Chaos in My Head

I wanted to find my true passions in life, core values, and build a life I love. I began my journey by walking and listening to motivational speakers, TedTalks, and YouTube videos; to hopefully empty my brain of fears and negative thoughts that were dominating the space. I was searching to find anything that resonates with me. What I found to remove layers of well; bull-sh*t in my head and to live a simpler and happier life was Sarah Knight. Sarah’s TEDx Talk on “The Magic of Not Giving a F*** and Get Your Sh*t Together” was hilarious and such a simple message to work with.
In this Ted Talk, I was enlightened with powerful words on how to declutter and detox my brain to find the things in life that make me happy and find my passion.  Sarah explains how to let go of the extras that steal your time, energy and money, to get back to your joy. This was the beginning of finding my true path to who I am now…

Warning: Strong Language

Stripping to My Core

Words that have resonated with me was integrity, courage, loyalty, fun, be yourself, honesty, humility, play with your edge, always be changing, random acts of kindness, pay it forward, and community. Though what I keep coming back to is integrity, loyalty, and courage. Now I understand why these words have a meaning that runs deep with me explained by Dom ( no last name given) the creator of the blog ‘mindcoolness – Let There Be True Will’. In Dom’s article ‘On the Importance of Values in Life’ Dom explains where values come from and how these values speak to our human needs in a particular social dynamic. Where my values echo is with a tribe identity.

Dom’s list of social identities and the values that tend to live and breathe within these groups, speak to the purpose or motivation of creating the sense of belonging to these groups.
Maybe these raw views of getting to the root of what is essential speak to me in finding my values, are to remind me to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) and enjoy life!

I want to invite you to share your passions and core values for life!

I would love to read your thoughts or comments on this topic!

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Summarizing a Few Key Points for Online Marketing


MNGT 136


Summarizing a few key points for online marketing:


Learning the basics of creating an E-commerce site for business has excellent value in reaching a broader audience than a brick & mortar business. Since customers are  investing more time shopping and comparing products on the internet,  designing a robust marketing strategy for your e-commerce store is worthwhile.  Also, take into consideration the money saved  on overhead.

User-centered design knowledge:

Learning about design aspects that turn off users and cause them to leave a website has immense value. Just knowing you have seconds to grab the users interest to create a potential lead any business with a website should be aware of this information.

Branding Your Business:

In a well thought out brand design, so crucial in creating trust and loyalty from your target audience. Having a reliable branding voice is also vital to creating loyal employees. This gives them something to believe in and stand behind. Your brand is built through your business, logo, website and social media platforms.

Website Creation Process:

Learning what is significant about a user-friendly website is essential in generating new business to increase traffic and lead generation. Having good navigation that is quick and easy to find answers that new user to your website is essential for capturing a new lead. Reinventing the wheel is not necessary with web design, following already established expectations to how a website should function is key. Definitely, putting in efforts in implementing usability tests is crucial for customer satisfaction on your website.