MNGT 138


MNGT 138

Explaining the modules, I liked from this class in learning about techniques and strategies for effective technical writing for the web, and how to use typography, color, and layout influences in marketing materials for business and marketing.

I feel learning the basics of the elements of effective marketing and web design has all been valuable for  creating a better experience for the user to any type of marketing piece.

Technical Writing:

Learning that technical writing for different formats of providing information to different audiences, is a practiced skill to utilize for creating content, to have a great R.O.I. in social media platforms. The critical element for technical writing is providing valuable information within a short amount time to catch the attention of the user.

How Users Read & Process Info and Content:

How users gather information through a website, mobile, or social media platform is critical to understand in creating content for marketing. One size fits all does not work in designing content. Since businesses have found having creative and informative content strategies across all social media platforms is essential in advertising and growing their user reach, utilizing practices in all media is essential for R.O.I.

Email Marketing:

Another great way to send personalized information and promotions for marketing your business is one of the better ways of creating brand loyalty and converting leads to customers. Learning to design effective email marketing campaigns using color and typography to grab your customer’s attention. More emails are read on mobile devices, and people tend to believe the content from an email more than from a social media platform, this is a great way to catch your target audience on the go!


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