Summarizing a Few Key Points for Online Marketing


MNGT 136


Summarizing a few key points for online marketing:


Learning the basics of creating an E-commerce site for business has excellent value in reaching a broader audience than a brick & mortar business. Since customers are  investing more time shopping and comparing products on the internet,  designing a robust marketing strategy for your e-commerce store is worthwhile.  Also, take into consideration the money saved  on overhead.

User-centered design knowledge:

Learning about design aspects that turn off users and cause them to leave a website has immense value. Just knowing you have seconds to grab the users interest to create a potential lead any business with a website should be aware of this information.

Branding Your Business:

In a well thought out brand design, so crucial in creating trust and loyalty from your target audience. Having a reliable branding voice is also vital to creating loyal employees. This gives them something to believe in and stand behind. Your brand is built through your business, logo, website and social media platforms.

Website Creation Process:

Learning what is significant about a user-friendly website is essential in generating new business to increase traffic and lead generation. Having good navigation that is quick and easy to find answers that new user to your website is essential for capturing a new lead. Reinventing the wheel is not necessary with web design, following already established expectations to how a website should function is key. Definitely, putting in efforts in implementing usability tests is crucial for customer satisfaction on your website.

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