Something From Nothing


MNGT 138



My experience of making “something from nothing” begins with my learning curve! Creating can be fun when I understand my goals for what I have been given as a task. Sometimes, the process can feel like I am asked to rewire car and just go with it…well then, I will find the development hard to get started.


Finding my voice in how I want to share my ideas

When the creative juices are flowing, all craziness can kick in because there are no limitations to the method. Many times, I will look for images related to the task at hand, for inspiration in the project. I will write some phrases or sentences to key points I want to make sure is added to my project.

download (1)

I will then take a break from the project, clear my head and come back to see if what I was brainstorming still makes sense for the point I was trying to make.

Then the process goes into organizing the craziness into something that has a function.

Usually, when I reread the instructions and realize I have gone off track, it is time to reign in thoughts that are out of focus or take out content that does not serve any purpose. Usually, some research needs to happen for when I am looking for better understanding of the project or the statement I want to come out of the process.

As the design begins to fall into some sort of organized structure, the light comes on. As I work out the bugs, polish up the words, and began to feel I have accomplished my goals, you can’t help but feel success!


Can you relate?… What are your thoughts?…


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