Zulily Utilizing Their Branding Voice


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Zulily Utilizing Their Branding Voice

In order to boost the success of marketing efforts, it is necessary to have a strategic branding voice for your products & services. Good branding conveys emotional engagement to the target audience. The element of human engagement is also essential in the branding tone.




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(Zulily’s current “Tagline.”)

Something Special Every Day

Zulily’s taglines expresses a vital brand feature referencing that they have sales and events every day for moms.

According to “Elements of a Successful Brand 2: The Tagline”;by Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D.; Lee explains what a Tagline should do:

A good tagline should elicit a response from its audience. It should do one or more of the following:

  • Clarify (what you do, how you are positioned, etc.)
  • Express an important brand attribute
  • Support your positioning
  • Help people recognize and remember you

Know Your Audience

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Find Your Niche to Speak too

Zulily’s branding is targeting moms with incredible prices on clothing, home décor, toys, gifts and more. They use colors that are softer, the fonts are simple and clean, and the brand feels fresh in the design. The website shares the  energy of happy toddlers. The overall design feels like a young mom lifestyle.

Emotional Engagement With Your Target Audience


Zulily has partnered with Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research

This is how they  show empathy through their branding. They are an advocate for childhood cancer research. Partnering with an organization in their community has a strong emotional appeal to family and community.

This humanizing element to their branding strategy, shows the company has values, and a company that stands for something stimulates loyalty from their audience.


2015, L. F. (2017, October 26). Elements of a Successful Brand 2: The Tagline. Retrieved February 02, 2018, from https://hingemarketing.com/blog/story/elements-of-a-successful-brand-2-the-tagline


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