Marketing Strategies for Your Budget


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Facebook paid to advertise:

Implementing Facebook for paid advertising has a higher reach for marketing campaigns to more people, than your immediate Facebook audience. This will help in building brand awareness, increase traffic, more engagement, and sales. In creating more exposure for your businesses website, users will be able to download a mobile app for your company or make purchases.


Google AdWords:

According to Google for every $1 spent on Google Adwords generally, businesses make an average of $2.  Creating a PPC (Pay-Per-Click)  ads for marketing using Google AdWords, so optimizing this resource for your marketing goals is beneficial for finding new users to your website.


Display Advertising:

There are many benefits for generating leads with display advertising, such as building brand awareness. Using display advertising especially on Google, ads will appear on diverse types of websites within the Google network such as; YouTube, blogs, Gmail and many more sites. To help build your relevant audience, you can target specific demographics, zip codes, and interests.

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According to recent research about Email marketing, this is a useful tool for attracting and retaining customers. Take into consideration that your target audience is checking their emails both on desktop and mobile; this is an efficient tool to specialize your message to your audience.

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Mobile marketing is a tremendously useful way to promote your amenities, raise brand awareness and boost loyalty because you can reach your audience instantly. Taking advantage of the increasing dependency people have on their smartphones, that most text messages are opened in a matter of minutes, that companies should exploit this ‘instant’ factor in marketing strategies. Companies can execute location-aware marketing campaigns that cannot be utilized through other channels. Also, consumers are ‘opting-in’ for information, coupons, and discounts which makes this resource very useful.

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Since Instagram works very similar to Facebook with paid advertising, reaching larger targeted audiences because they are run by the same company. So to  better utilize this platform, link your Instagram and Facebook accounts together.

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Content Marketing:

Content is the groundwork for any respectable marketing plan; a business needs good content to support your advertising. Companies using customer-centric content saves money, increases direct sales, generates leads, and improves brand loyalty.


Research Summary on ‘How to Facilitate a Usability Test”


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Research Summary on ‘How to Facilitate a Usability Test”

How to Conduct a Simple User Test with Jakob Nielsen

Published on May 28, 2010

Usability pioneer Jakob Nielsen is interviewed on how to conduct a simple user test.

Performing a Usability Test is valuable to business both big or small for understanding just what potential customers to your  business are experiencing when visiting the website. For conducting a usability test, a business does not need a lot of participants, just testing 5 people can give useful insights into the user experience.

The first goal with testing participants is to decide on practical tasks to be performed as a ‘customer.’ Prepare by deciding which tasks to test,  have  the participant  proceed with one task at a time.

As the participant works through tasks, the facilitator will sit next to them.

Remember this is to watch how the participant goes through the process of using your website, so as the facilitator you give no directions because you are looking for the experience of the test subjects.

You are also looking for a running monologue of the user’s experience with the test scenarios.

Other important factors to track in conducting your usability test is recording keystrokes and visual expressions for each task. When the test is done, then going through the data collected to decide what was a failure in user experience or a winner.

The video relates to the usability test that I worked on designing this last week, well its an interview with Jakob Nielsen, the usability guru. Also, I am going to be performing a ‘simplified’ usability test on a peer from my class to practice what I have learned.


“How to Conduct a Simple User Test with Jakob Nielsen.” YouTube, 28 May 2010,

Prepping for Usability Test


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Collecting Data on a Usability Test:

Record Your Sessions: This creates the opportunity to exam the session again to go over critical issues to analyze how the participants went through the task.

Video or Audio Recordings: Either will help to break down the tasks after the participant has left. Also, this will is a powerful tool to show anyone in the company that needs to view the findings.

Post Task Questions: Talking to the participants immediately after finishing the tasks, while the experience is fresh in their minds, to get feedback about the experience is an excellent opportunity to add more unbiased notes to the final report.

Time on Task: The length of time takes the participant to complete the task. When multiple participates are used then find the average length of time for each task.

 Explain the process of reporting data from the usability test:

  • After the test sessions, take time to make notes of observations and which problems arose that need to be addressed. Also what steps are going to be implemented to fix the issues.
  • If multiple participants were used, then gather all the notes to make a collective list of issues to address.
  • Now organize the list into the top 10 most pressing
  • Rate the list with #1 being the most critical to be addressed first.
  • From the list:
    • Brainstorm fixes for each issue
    • Who’s going to make the fix
    • Any resources that will be needed for the fix

Recruiting for a Usability Test:

When recruiting  participants for a usability test, there are many clever ways to resource people like Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Other possibilities are your local Facebook community groups, ask friends and family, or parents from your kid’s sports/scouts group.

Talking to Participants:

I would follow Steve Krug’s recommendations for prepping the participants in the test. Have Steve’s script in hand to facilitate the session and begin with letting them know the test is not about them but the website, to put them at ease.


What is the “Reciprocity Principle” of marketing?


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What is the “Reciprocity Principle” of marketing?

This has to do with the psychology of relationships, otherwise defined as a human need, that we are compelled to give something back when a gift is received. So using this concept in marketing, when the buyer receives something free from the seller, the buyer feels indebted to do something back such as making a purchase.

Though to best utilize this principle in marketing, is for the business to create a ‘gift’ of significant value for the customer. This is a powerful way to introduce your business to new audiences but also to create loyalty for your already established customers/clients.

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What 9Round currently uses for their reciprocity principle is 1 free workout to try their services. If I was to implement a new marketing strategy, I would change this offer to “Try 9Round 10 days for free!”

With just one free workout that is 30 minutes, there is no way that the all many potential best benefits of using 9Round could not be experienced within the 30 minutes to convince the new person into committing to a membership. The conversion rate from 1 free trial to a life-long member, could possibly not be the best numbers that the owners are hoping to achieve.

With 10 days free, the customer will get more time to meet other staff members, meet members of the gym and begin to develop relationships within their community. As the 10 days go along, they will begin to develop a new habit of incorporating 9Round into their daily routine. The customer will see more value in committing to this ‘community’ than just paying for a membership.

Customer Service in Problem Solving


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For this assignment, we are given a scenario; that as a web designer significant issues are discovered in the testing. The client does not want to pay any more to fix the problems and just “roll” with the site as it is. How would I deal with the problem?

In my Customer Service class, a student had described a company’s service he had received as “Customer Service on Steroids.” I took his point as a mantra I wanted for future business.

So, I will be referencing the steps I have learned in that class.

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First of all, I would like to say; I am hoping to make any situation as a “win-win” for all involved. To best resolve issues by keeping everyone’s dignity intact, and also have all involved feel that there is some sort of satisfaction for the end results.

The Problem-Solving Process:

  1. Identify the Problem: Begin the problem-solving process with apologies for any inconvenience that they have felt caused by you or your organization. Taking responsibility will show your client you are aware there is an issue, and you are working to resolve the situation. Then gather information about the issues at hand that need to be dealt with to resolve.
  2. Compile and Analyze the Data: To efficiently determine a course of action, you need a thorough understanding of the problems.
  3. Identify The Alternatives: Let the client know you are willing to work with them to find an acceptable resolution to the issue.
  4. Evaluate the Alternatives:
    1. What is the most efficient way to solve this problem?
    2. Which are the most effective options for solving these problems?
    3. Will the options being considered solve the problem and satisfy the customer?
    4. Will the selected alternative create new issues?
  5. Monitor the Results: Once a decision has been made, monitor the effects of the results. Do not assume that your client is satisfied, especially if any negotiation has taken place to resolve the issues.

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Also, keep in mind, that rolling with the site with issues, could become a calling card of the work you did, and could possibly affect future business. So finding a win-win situation to find a solution for all involved is critical for their business and yours.


Lucas, R. W. (2015). Customer Service Skills for Success(6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

Something From Nothing


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My experience of making “something from nothing” begins with my learning curve! Creating can be fun when I understand my goals for what I have been given as a task. Sometimes, the process can feel like I am asked to rewire car and just go with it…well then, I will find the development hard to get started.


Finding my voice in how I want to share my ideas

When the creative juices are flowing, all craziness can kick in because there are no limitations to the method. Many times, I will look for images related to the task at hand, for inspiration in the project. I will write some phrases or sentences to key points I want to make sure is added to my project.

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I will then take a break from the project, clear my head and come back to see if what I was brainstorming still makes sense for the point I was trying to make.

Then the process goes into organizing the craziness into something that has a function.

Usually, when I reread the instructions and realize I have gone off track, it is time to reign in thoughts that are out of focus or take out content that does not serve any purpose. Usually, some research needs to happen for when I am looking for better understanding of the project or the statement I want to come out of the process.

As the design begins to fall into some sort of organized structure, the light comes on. As I work out the bugs, polish up the words, and began to feel I have accomplished my goals, you can’t help but feel success!


Can you relate?… What are your thoughts?…


Email Newsletter Content


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Topic: Email Newsletter Content

This weeks topic is to select content for creating an e-newsletter for a company we are following.

Note from the President:

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We are here to inspire and motivate you for your fitness goals.

At 9Round we have our certified trainers to work with you from the moment you walk in the door until you have accomplished your 30 minutes of total body workout.

We are striving to empower you for living the 9Round lifestyle!

– President

Get A free Introductory Workout

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Schedule your first workout now!


Don’t need to punch the clock at 9Round, a kickboxing franchise in Arlington

By Vicky Hallett November 18, 2014


Here’s an idea that’ll knock you out: a gym with no class times.  At 9Round, a national kickboxing franchise, you show up whenever you want, put on your gloves and fight your way through a nine-station circuit. The 9Round location that opened this summer in Arlington has been such a smash that an additional four are coming to Northern Virginia. (And a D.C. location is in the works.)


Hallett, V. (2014, November 18). Don’t need to punch the clock at 9Round, a kickboxing franchise in Arlington. Retrieved February 07, 2018, from

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How to Attract New Clients to Your Company


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How to Attract New Clients to Your Company



Coming up with new and relevant ways to expand your client base should be apart of your everyday operations in running your business.  Setting aside at least an hour a day just to focus on building your client base will be rewarded in sustaining a thriving business.

Have Friends With Benefits


Finding resources from local businesses that have a relationship to your business but not your competition is win-win for all involved. For example, you have a business that requires a membership to receive your services and you are surrounded by other businesses. Talk to those business owners about providing a special discount to your members, and you will do the same for their customers.

Always Listen

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Talk to your client base, listen to what they are saying about you and your products. Your loyal customers will give you the inspiration for how to attract new clients.


Speak To Your Audience


Checking data analytics to find your target audience is valuable to get your brand and message in front of your potential new customers and to speak to the emotional needs that your services or products can provide to them. Using Google Analytics is a great way to start.

Create An Irresistible Offer

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For effective marketing, you need to be able to answer the user’s question in one clear sentence.

“20 days for 20 dollars to find a new way to improve health!”

Close The Sale


You must be able to provide enough information, answer questions and concerns, show value for your services and products so your potential new customers will buy with confidence.


Zissu, A. (2017, May 17). 6 Innovative Ways to Attract New Customers. Retrieved February 07, 2018, from

Doyle, B. (2017, June 14). 8 Steps to Attracting New Customers. Retrieved February 07, 2018, from

Zulily Utilizing Their Branding Voice


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Zulily Utilizing Their Branding Voice

In order to boost the success of marketing efforts, it is necessary to have a strategic branding voice for your products & services. Good branding conveys emotional engagement to the target audience. The element of human engagement is also essential in the branding tone.




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(Zulily’s current “Tagline.”)

Something Special Every Day

Zulily’s taglines expresses a vital brand feature referencing that they have sales and events every day for moms.

According to “Elements of a Successful Brand 2: The Tagline”;by Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D.; Lee explains what a Tagline should do:

A good tagline should elicit a response from its audience. It should do one or more of the following:

  • Clarify (what you do, how you are positioned, etc.)
  • Express an important brand attribute
  • Support your positioning
  • Help people recognize and remember you

Know Your Audience

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Find Your Niche to Speak too

Zulily’s branding is targeting moms with incredible prices on clothing, home décor, toys, gifts and more. They use colors that are softer, the fonts are simple and clean, and the brand feels fresh in the design. The website shares the  energy of happy toddlers. The overall design feels like a young mom lifestyle.

Emotional Engagement With Your Target Audience


Zulily has partnered with Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research

This is how they  show empathy through their branding. They are an advocate for childhood cancer research. Partnering with an organization in their community has a strong emotional appeal to family and community.

This humanizing element to their branding strategy, shows the company has values, and a company that stands for something stimulates loyalty from their audience.


2015, L. F. (2017, October 26). Elements of a Successful Brand 2: The Tagline. Retrieved February 02, 2018, from