STOP Designing & Look at the Website Through Visitor’s Eyes


 MNGT 136


STOP designing & look at the website through a visitor’s eyes to find and fix usability issues.


Is your design killing off visitors? Have you added everything that supposed to be on a website, and then some? Are you trying to be everything to everyone, and still you are not attracting new visitors or customers?

There are many common mistakes made in the design that do not enhance the visitor’s experience just frustrates them. Within seconds they left for the other guy’s website that has all their answers.


Make Information easy to find!

Visitors have questions they are seeking to find; if the answers are not clear, they will leave.

bad usability

Answers to Visitors Questions:

  • Product information
  • Pricing
  • Contact information
  • Other essential information on the website


Where are these answers? Are they above the fold? Can the visitor clearly spot where to go…or was there a clever title disguising the information?

Don’t Make Visitors Think!

  • Call to action is above the fold
  • Provide a clean layout
  • Make your navigation easy to follow
  • Visual grouping of relevant content


Space is Valuable is Used Correctly


I like the concept of thinking of the website as real estate and inventory the value that each area has for the visitor entering your domain.

Having a good tagline is considered valuable real estate. Your tagline can be an efficient way to get your message across.



Get Rid of Distractions


 Is the website screaming go away?

  • Popups are annoying
  • Clutter says to visitors; “ Too much of nothing you want to deal with, try another site!”
  • Videos that incorporate autopay send the visitors to exit the site!

Final Thought


Sometimes the design ego needs to wait in the hall because the visitor’s experience is what the website needs to be about.

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