Reflecting on my process of designing


MNGT 138

My Fake Event:

Bend & Brew Yoga!

bend brew

Yoga to detox and Beer tasting to retox!

Reflecting on my process of designing a poster for class.

elements of design

What Did I Find Easy With Designing My Poster

What I found easy, in using Word to design a poster, was the “theme elements” area. I was able to scroll over each theme and the project instantly changed everything on the page, this helped to work on the visual aspects of using different fonts. Which moved the process along faster to find the font that expressed the right emotions I was looking to create.

For the colors, I again used Word’s palette to watch how I felt engaged with the message I was sharing. Again this moved the project along with the preselected color combinations. Though I was not ‘in love’ with the selections of hues, I was still able to find the combination for the design of my poster.


What Did I Struggle With Working With My Poster

  • Not knowing how to begin to put together a design project.
  • Not knowing how to use the templates without messing up the template, then the easy answer is to start over.
  • How to work pictures into a scene with everything shifting out of place.
  • If using pictures, how to blend the pictures white background out, so the picture does not look cut & paste.
  • Trying to make a template not look like a template.
  • How to use the design elements!



I think what I could do to help with my creating something for digital media in the future is a design program for little kids! Really, something that guides you through the process. A design program for dummies that has a short learning curve with instructions that are; do this to make this.

(Huummm…the book looks advanced)



Putting together an idea on a poster project was satisfying in completing something to my target audience. I think I would enjoy the process better if I knew how to work design onto the page more efficiently.



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