Website Breadcrumbs & Stops Signs for Usability


MGNT 136



There are many ways to increase the usability of a website for the potential customer’s experience better. One way is to use breadcrumbs in the design strategy. Providing Breadcrumbs is vital for the user to navigate through a website with a vast database and feel lost in the information presented on web pages.

Pierce College Website:

Pierce uses tabs as a form of breadcrumbs to show where you are on the website. You can see that you are on the Academic Catalog page, also that you can still return to the homepage or other categories that are within the site.



Stop Signs

amazon navigation - Copy

Creating for usability is customers to be able to navigate the website to answer their questions. The design should have in place clear signs to the content they will find. If the design is not user-friendly in the organizational design, the user will leave the website.

Pierce College Website:

The stop signs on the Pierce website has the search box, access to MYPIERCE, CANVAS and the ABOUT US. Along with more areas that are related to your college education. The stop signs are apparent to the information that will follow when you access those groups.

stop signs




Krug, S. (2014). Don’t Make Me Think Revisited (3 ed.). (E. Bayle, Ed.) New Riders.

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