How I Browse the Internet


MGNT 138


How Do You Browse The Internet?

How do I use websites and social media? Well, my attention span is not long unless I am being entertained. If web pages feel like an encyclopedia, I am out! If there’s too much reading in the introduction and I still have no idea if what I googled pertains to this website, I am gone!

Scanning in a Rush!

scan F


I do not know why, but I take on urgency when checking into a website. My eyes do tend to follow the letter ‘F’ for the keys components; I guess to get a feel if the website is usable or if they are trying to get info from me before revealing information.




 Touchable Screen Laptop

(not sure if that the right description….but I love it!)


I do enjoy using my touchable Screen Laptop for browsing or just knocking out my homework. Running my finger over the screen to roll the pages around is a lot more satisfying than using the pointer.

The A.D.D. kicks in with the touchable screen:

  • I can move the page around faster.
  • I can expand pictures to look at.
  • So much faster to poke at open tabs or apps to jump back and forth.

Social Media I Use


les brown

When I  walk, to keep my brain stimulated, I have my YouTude Plan for my listening pleasure.

I  have the list of the genres (so I make sure to change the style each walk) and a place for date & # of steps.

4 styles of videos I listen to while walking:

  • Entertainment
  • Educational
  • Motivational
  • Audiobooks



pug pee on it

Well, I am not big on posting moments of my life…however, I do start with ‘liking’ my friend’s notifications. Then I move onto scrolling for something funny, maybe an exciting DIY project, or pugs!

pug wiggle wiggle

Well, funny pets will work. If an article appears to be a heartbreaking story, especially about animals, I will keep scrolling; I hate going on an emotional journey.

So I spend about 5 minutes of scrolling on FaceBook unless there are some excellent pet videos!

I am not sure other people use their technology just as I do. I think other people will probably spend more time taking in the information than I do. Probably people spend more time stalking their friend’s posts to feel like they are immersed in their friend’s lives, I suspect.

I also am not interested in trying to figure out how to use other forms of social media; I believe that’s because of the learning curve, usually by the time I figure it out, it updates and then the relearning starts again…. and I got other things to do!

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