Should a Project Management Plan be Used for Designing a Website?

MNGT 136


project-management-2 pic

Project management is completing a project with a team of people by design. Project management is positioning together with a proposal of knowledge, skills, resources, tools, budget and time. The project management process is structured by initiating, planning, executing, directing, and finishing a specific set of goals to achieve to the final project.

Designing a website should be looked at as a series of tasks that should put into a project management process for the creating process. The creating process can be overwhelming with the many options available that can be implemented into a design. Also, having a set goals or tasks broken down into steps will help the process in two ways:

  1. Having tasks simiplifeid can help keep the team on track on a set timeline.
  2. Breaking down areas of creating a website can help the team determine whose strengths will be best utilized for which tasks.

Having a project management plan in place can help to prevent communication breakdowns with the team or the client. Brainstorming and designing tasks such as within a kick-off meeting can help the members of the team understand the relevance of specific tasks that need to happen before other steps can follow.

For the creation of a website using the strategies of project management would make the difference between implementing and completing a well-designed website from a DIY looking website.

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