Social Media Security… Are You Risking Too Much?

W9 BUS134

The Security Risks in Social Media: Interview with Joseph Steinberg


February 22, 2017

Joseph Steinberg, a cybersecurity expert, and author created his latest invention to help businesses manage risks related to using social media. He explains the how the United States are living proof how the free market works in creating better products but how criminals are just as focused to find weak links to the security chain. Joseph also explains how our technology evolves so quickly with market demands, but our government has set the bar too low in legislation and moves too slow in the legislature to keep up with the social media evolution.

I like the concept of this idea of ‘securemysocial’ monitoring and even deleting problematic posts that employees may have mistaking put up without understanding how the content of a post could be misused. Once a military spouse, we were very aware of how to use or possibly misuse social media with guidelines that were sent out by the military, or updated as a new trend of ‘scams’ would be affecting military people. To have something monitoring the details would be a great asset indeed. In fact, I have listened in to military people chatting to another to remove a post from social media because of something in the background that was not spotted before.

To have another resource to watch for possible weak links, too much-given information that could be used by criminals seeking out easy opportunities would be a great assist to businesses using social media for marketing.

PEPIJN, DAAN. “The Security Risks in Social Media.”, 22 Feb. 2017,

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