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How to Tell if Image Copyrighted on Google | QOTD

Carter Law Firm

Published on Oct 18, 2017

Ruth Carter is an attorney at Venjuris Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona explains that using an image from a Google image search does not mean that you are safe from a copyright infringement. Ruth suggests using Google image advanced options so that you can limit the search to show you images that you can modify, commercialize, or are free to use. Alternatively, use or flicker that has settings to limit the search to images you can use. So do not assume that any image that is is in the public domain is free to use since the moment it is created it is the person has a copyright the moment it is created. Ruth further explains that they do not have to register that work to get that right. Ruth clarifies that she is only posting advice, not legal consultation, that you should seek legal advice if you want to avoid issues of copyright infringement.

Avoid Copyright Infringement in your Social Media Posts

November 13, 2014, by Ruth Carter

Ruth’s blog further explains with examples of how to correctly post images properly with acknowledgment to the creator. Though the best standard of practice in posting other peoples images is to ask permission from creator out of respect for their work and to protect you from receiving a ‘cease and desist letter,’ or a DCMA takedown notice, a bill, or a lawsuit.

Carter, Ruth. “How to Tell If Image Copyrighted on Google | QOTD.” YouTube, Carter Law Firm, 18 Oct. 2017,

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