Amazon, Hello Fresh…my love letters to you…

W7 BUS135

Do you have a favorite company that has put all your needs together in such an enticing package that you have been converted for life. Well my task was to explain two companies that give me those warm and happy feelings because they have the customers needs front and center.

The following was how I was inspired to share my feelings about Amazon & Hello Fresh.


Amazon logo

Hello April,

While you have been away, I have been shopping for many things you did not know that you needed. Looking at your last purchases and your shopping list its time to re-evaluate some options!

We did not know that you were planning on letting your mother use  your site, so we decided we would show you what happens when you let others come between us….. So I feel you now  need a calendar, another book on yoga, calcium, hair dye,  and to watch the movie the Tick!

 Also, we have scanned your lists and would like to inform you that your wish list is ridiculous!

Always thinking about you,

Amazon 🙂

My Dearest Amazon,

 I know it’s been awhile. Apparently, you were looking out for me…looking into items I need, finding more items I didn’t know I should have and telling what the cool kids are buying.

I appreciate the time you spend with updating texts telling me exactly where my packages are throughout the day; I get a thrill knowing you are close!

I do enjoy your special deliveries; I wait with anticipation to find your thoughtful packages…..hopefully before some (not kind word here) takes it off my porch. I always know when they are from you Amazon.

 Before you Amazon,  I would watch my neighbors get packages from the mail lady, who so lovingly granny tossed those packages  at their door, and think someday I would like to have all my needs met without wondering stores and wasting time at the malls.

Maybe someday,  I could  get my wildest desires  tossed at my door.

That day has come because of you Amazon!  I no longer have that mail lady that took care of us on the military base, I moved far away…but  I discovered you Amazon!

 Sorry about my mother interrupting up what we had going on together, it won’t happen again.

Really the Tick! Now you’re just silly😉

Thanks for the memories, of how I used to go shopping,


Hello fresh logo

Hello Fresh,

You are now my new best friend!

From the moment I looked at your website, I was excited! You are the personal chef  all woman want! You do the shopping and put together unique and variety of dinners for me. Your pictures are beautiful with so many options for meals. How easy you make it for me to plan my dinners with such incredible choices…or I could be crazy and just let you pick out my dinners for me.


hello fresh wine

OOOhhh Helllllloooo Fresh how enticing and a little naughty with a wine selection to go with dinner, now I also have my own sommelier to select and pair my wine to these dinner creations.

Ooooohhh You know how I love gadgets, kitchen gadgets that make the experience feel like I’m in the kitchen of a celebrity chef. Oh, how you get me…..Hello Fresh.      


hello freshbox pic


When your box comes, the house is filled with delight!  Inside that box of wonder, is everything I need. Packaged is each individual meal with anticipation growing, beautiful recipe cards of each spectacular meal, easy to read with lovely pictures. The steps are easy, that flow the process to create that fantastic dinner tonight!

Hurry Hello Fresh, hurry home!

With all my love and delight,



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