Inbound Marketing: How influencers grew website traffic 204% in four months for a convenience food company

by Courtney Eckerle, Senior Managing Editor, MarketingSherpa


Without using another paid marketing program, Klean Plate leveraged food, fitness and nutrition influencers to grow website traffic and sales. By developing a media kit and brand guidelines, the team was able to optimize Instagram and blog exposure.

Read on to learn how the team was able to grow website traffic 204% and increase online sales 14x in just four months.


I am excited about this case study shares Kelly Sanders, CEO and Founder, Klean Plate LLC, in starting her new business wanted to get the word out about her products. To begin with looking at the smaller niches of her demographics for marketing too. Kelly looked to using influencers of blogs and Instagram to give value and credibility to her products.

Kelly explains the steps she used in developing this strategy for her company to grow her audience, which took off so well, that she hired a part-time staff member just to be in charge of working with the companies influencers.

Kelly had a need to be fulfilled and created her own influencer media kit. Not to just leave the content up to the mercy of the influencer, she was reaching out too, but designed a package to take the guesswork out of the expectations and requirements for her business.

Deciding to over-communicate with their influencer market is a grand strategy to make sure your branding voice is coming through these influencers versus assuming they will meet your requirements for this strategy.

“It was really important to be really, really clear and precise …

[in] creating this kit that was flawlessly and seamlessly easy for them to follow,” Kelly Sanders

Her media kit plan for influences design has worked so well for her, that her influences have become invested in her brand and continues to post.

“Continuing the relationship is absolutely vital,

and building that community

can be done in even more simple ways

than hosting a branded event.” Kelly Sanders

 Thinking out of the box to finding new solutions for your marketing strategies is vital to keeping fresh in contact and fluid in your plans. Be brave, to decide what you need and how you need it. Take charge, in asking influencers to help you with providing content for your business.


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