Wrapping up marketing class…

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Trying to figure out what was my favorite module is hard because when I understood the possibilities that each piece of information has in added value in marketing, I was excited to get put words into action.

What was complicated for me was technical behind the scenes jargon of the internet. Anything that had complicated directions to ‘find’ information or too much information to explain something that should be a few bullets of explanation set my A.D.D on fire.

The area that I am looking forward to working with to create a fantastic internet presence is Facebook. Facebook seems to be the center if everyone’s world of information and entertainment. Facebook is an excellent resource for a small business with a limited budget. Alternatively, looking to be very strategic with your marketing budget. It is a great way to keep your business at the top of peoples mind but also gives a platform to link your social media through.

Facebook is an avenue to get brand awareness through word of mouth by “likes” and “shares” of you content that could send new leads to your website. A business can run promotions through the pages and reach more people to engage and drive traffic to your website than the days of buying newspaper ads.


BUS135 W10

Writing a blog without any previous experience of what is involved with producing content for engagement, I felt overwhelmed by what blogging provided to the business. I have read some blogs that were amazing in providing value to their industry; I have read some that were just fun and entertaining. Then there were others that were difficult to stay interested in to find the purpose of the message.

Another aspect that I found was intimating was putting my personality on the blog. I was anxious about having a ‘professional’ tone to the writing since I was presenting assignment concepts to blogging. As I began to understand the uses of blogging for representing business, I was able to share my opinions on blogs. I also found confidence in writing when other bloggers found my blogs and ‘liked’ them.

Then I noticed if the titles to the blogs were more exciting or better use of keywords there was more engagement from the internet. Which was encouraging to place more thought into using Keywords, SEO’s, and other industry strategies for engagement my rankings improved on search engines. Also approaching an idea to be shared from a different perspective can also work because what is worse that can happen, just that someone does not agree with you and moves on, then you can either rework the blog or just let the feedback be what it is, someones else’s opinion.

I am looking forward to the chance to produce new content designed for marketing my business and engaging new potential customers. To continue working on finding my branding voice but also to keep information valuable for the reader. I also look forward to trying something for entertainment purpose.




ENDS OF THE EARTH YOGA STUDIO is power yoga to taken to the next level. Based in the Pierce County and inspiring the Pacific Northwest to try classes that are dynamic & fun! Where we have teachers are inspired and creative to achieve your yoga needs in a 60-minute class. We are looking to for individuals that are accomplishing “customer service on steroids” in our everyday interactions with our guests/students.

If you love engaging with others, understand the importance and excited to be representative for ENDS OF THE EARTH YOGA STUDIO brand to our guests. We are looking for someone who is resilient and an excellent communicator and always strive to perform outstanding service to our guests.

As Front Desk/Social Media Manager  is for we are not looking for individuals that have customer service skills, we are looking to design and stay innovative with our social marketing strategies. We are creating a team that is essential in currents trends within the Yoga industry, also using strategies for our website, app, and other social media content.

The Front Desk/Social Media Manager is also essential in creating, developing and implementing loyalty programs to create long-lasting relationships with our students and staff.

Pay range $16.00-$25.00 per hour D.O.E.


  • Part of the duties as Front Desk Manager is to collaborate with all staff in their areas of expertise to coordinate posting campaigns.
  • Set up and optimize company pages within each platform to increase visibility of company’s social content
  • Create content calendars and strategies of cross-promoting between studio and instructors
  • Stay current on market trends within our industry and local competition for the studio


  • Proven working experience in social media, marketing or as digital media specialist
  • Demonstrate social networking experience and social analytics tools knowledge
  • Excellent consulting, writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills
  • Positive attitude, detail and customer oriented with good multitasking and organizational ability
  • Minimum is Social Media Marketing Certification

Social Media Security… Are You Risking Too Much?

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The Security Risks in Social Media: Interview with Joseph Steinberg


February 22, 2017

Joseph Steinberg, a cybersecurity expert, and author created his latest invention to help businesses manage risks related to using social media. He explains the how the United States are living proof how the free market works in creating better products but how criminals are just as focused to find weak links to the security chain. Joseph also explains how our technology evolves so quickly with market demands, but our government has set the bar too low in legislation and moves too slow in the legislature to keep up with the social media evolution.

I like the concept of this idea of ‘securemysocial’ monitoring and even deleting problematic posts that employees may have mistaking put up without understanding how the content of a post could be misused. Once a military spouse, we were very aware of how to use or possibly misuse social media with guidelines that were sent out by the military, or updated as a new trend of ‘scams’ would be affecting military people. To have something monitoring the details would be a great asset indeed. In fact, I have listened in to military people chatting to another to remove a post from social media because of something in the background that was not spotted before.

To have another resource to watch for possible weak links, too much-given information that could be used by criminals seeking out easy opportunities would be a great assist to businesses using social media for marketing.

PEPIJN, DAAN. “The Security Risks in Social Media.” Business.com, 22 Feb. 2017, http://www.business.com/articles/interview-with-joseph-steinberg-the-security-risks-in-social-media/.


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Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

Published on Jun 17, 2010

I am so inspired by the possibilities that could have changed my outlook on how my education could have finally been vital to me if I felt there was hope for me after graduation. When I did not follow the paths that the ‘fortunate’ kids seemed to understand as their goals in life, from the institutional structure I was failing in life.

On my long walks to school, I created businesses in my head. In my classes, my assignments seemed not to follow the intentions of the instructions, I had a different point of view and did not understand how I could not just ‘get’ what the rest of the class understood. I defiantly felt that what inspired me, was not the right answer for making it in life according to the education provided to me.

I had a boyfriend’s mother that commented she felt I was not good enough for him because I was not on-track with a college education. Yet, I had thousands of ideas and no guidance or support system to develop or teach me tools to conquer the world how I viewed it.

My parents were business owners; they owned two gas stations and no formal training in how to work on a car or run a business, to this day I do not know how that accomplished that in time when gas was rationed to service stations.

My grandfather designed, patented and built an antenna that would boost reception to boats for communication. Luckily, he sold his business and patent before the digital age changed how boats and ships got their communication.

I could see creativity around me with no concept of how to put dreams into action. Cameron Herold’s break down on how to nurture a child to see the world differently and develop essential skills to build on their strengths versus making them feel inadequate is spot on and fantastic!

Now at this point in life, I have created businesses out of a necessity of having control over my schedule while my then husband was deployed. I have run others peoples businesses and optimized their sales and employees. I became a realtor that researched and marketed my houses different from the industry standards and always got a ‘buzz’ in potential buyers because I could fall in love with each house no matter how ugly it was in reality and make the buyer see the potential also.

Now, I am a yoga instructor preparing to open a studio teaching my style of yoga that definitely does not fit into traditional. I got over the fear of not teaching like everyone else, got authentic to what I have to offer, the yogis came!

If this style of thinking and looking at how not all kids fit into the same plan, then parents should hear his words and start incorporating these ideas at home!


Herold, C. (2010, JUNE 17). Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/nx3GuO41Jyg



Amazon, Hello Fresh…my love letters to you…

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Do you have a favorite company that has put all your needs together in such an enticing package that you have been converted for life. Well my task was to explain two companies that give me those warm and happy feelings because they have the customers needs front and center.

The following was how I was inspired to share my feelings about Amazon & Hello Fresh.


Amazon logo

Hello April,

While you have been away, I have been shopping for many things you did not know that you needed. Looking at your last purchases and your shopping list its time to re-evaluate some options!

We did not know that you were planning on letting your mother use  your site, so we decided we would show you what happens when you let others come between us….. So I feel you now  need a calendar, another book on yoga, calcium, hair dye,  and to watch the movie the Tick!

 Also, we have scanned your lists and would like to inform you that your wish list is ridiculous!

Always thinking about you,

Amazon 🙂

My Dearest Amazon,

 I know it’s been awhile. Apparently, you were looking out for me…looking into items I need, finding more items I didn’t know I should have and telling what the cool kids are buying.

I appreciate the time you spend with updating texts telling me exactly where my packages are throughout the day; I get a thrill knowing you are close!

I do enjoy your special deliveries; I wait with anticipation to find your thoughtful packages…..hopefully before some (not kind word here) takes it off my porch. I always know when they are from you Amazon.

 Before you Amazon,  I would watch my neighbors get packages from the mail lady, who so lovingly granny tossed those packages  at their door, and think someday I would like to have all my needs met without wondering stores and wasting time at the malls.

Maybe someday,  I could  get my wildest desires  tossed at my door.

That day has come because of you Amazon!  I no longer have that mail lady that took care of us on the military base, I moved far away…but  I discovered you Amazon!

 Sorry about my mother interrupting up what we had going on together, it won’t happen again.

Really the Tick! Now you’re just silly😉

Thanks for the memories, of how I used to go shopping,


Hello fresh logo

Hello Fresh,

You are now my new best friend!

From the moment I looked at your website, I was excited! You are the personal chef  all woman want! You do the shopping and put together unique and variety of dinners for me. Your pictures are beautiful with so many options for meals. How easy you make it for me to plan my dinners with such incredible choices…or I could be crazy and just let you pick out my dinners for me.


hello fresh wine

OOOhhh Helllllloooo Fresh how enticing and a little naughty with a wine selection to go with dinner, now I also have my own sommelier to select and pair my wine to these dinner creations.

Ooooohhh You know how I love gadgets, kitchen gadgets that make the experience feel like I’m in the kitchen of a celebrity chef. Oh, how you get me…..Hello Fresh.      


hello freshbox pic


When your box comes, the house is filled with delight!  Inside that box of wonder, is everything I need. Packaged is each individual meal with anticipation growing, beautiful recipe cards of each spectacular meal, easy to read with lovely pictures. The steps are easy, that flow the process to create that fantastic dinner tonight!

Hurry Hello Fresh, hurry home!

With all my love and delight,



Business Reviews, The Power is in the Feedback!

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Are you missing out how to make business reviews a powerful resource to optimize your business. Do you shy away from looking at reviews for fear of the negative comments that are hurting your business, then STOP taking a back seat, take the wheel and find out how to work these resources!

Get reviews on Google


Find all the sites that have reviews of your business and verify you are the owner. Then make sure your contact information is current and details are consistient across in all these sites.  Fill in desriptions and details of services provided. Add pictures, visuals are always an easy selling point for trust. Use keywords to help searches being done by customers find your business.

6 Ways to Make Online Reviews Work for Your Business


If you want to have big impact on the role reviews play in boosting conversions, you have to put the time. Think about this, the more reviews a product has, the more social proof and credibility your business has, which converts to a trust factor for customers.

Make your product stand out from the competion, create as many organic means to find your services.

Some simple strategies can be followed that can drive up your rankings in searches, build trust in the commuinty, and find your customers. Many online customers while in their searching, turn to reviews when looking for new services or products, so ingoring what is happening in your reviews could possibly be influeincing customers decisions to stay away from your business.

How Positive Customer Reviews Can Help Your Business


The good, the bad, the ugly will help you look at how your business is doing, but also what people are saying about you. Feedback will help you evaluate the areas of your business that needs work or if things are running excellent. There is a social trust that follows the reviews people are making about you.

Neglecting your reviews could be costing you loyatly and profits. Do not stand by and let reviews be your branding talking voice!