Explain how browsing on Pinterest works and the different ways it can be searched


BUS 134

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Have you found that Pinterest has made the world so much more intersting because of the unlimited amounts of resources that have intertwined through this amazing  social media platform? From inspiration, to motivation, how-to-do this, or why you need that!                                                                    The dreamboards you can create for traveling the world or shopping for the special gift, Pinterest has become a favorite go-to website for anything and everything.

Image result for how to search pinterest  How to use pinterest to find collectable ideas has many designs built within so you can build your boards on your site. Search or browse on Pinterest a topic or thought, suggestions will drop down to help you narrow in on topics of interest. Finding a theme to your interest can lead to more boards for you to explore.

You have a favorite company that you love their products and services and want to keep up with their latest and greatest

Image result for how to search pinterest companiesnew products or services the are producing, then Pinterest is a resource for you. Use Google to find you company by typing site:pinterest.com  plus your keywords. Then you can follow the company for news and/or follow a board that is specific to your desires.

When you find an item that you find interesting Pin it to a board you have created in Pinterest. So the universe is your catalog to searching for all that your heart desires and Pinterest has the way to collect and organize these wonders of the world!Image result for how to search pinterest boards




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