YOUTUBE for your Social Marketing Plan

W5- BUS 134


The power of adding video content to your social media marketing to reach people with your message and your content is a valuable resource to incorporate into marketing your business. Youtube has made hosting videos and sharing easy even for the novice to utilize this medium for your content.

There are three uses for video content to marketing your business.

#1 Supportive Use of Video:

  •  Video allows you to introduce you and your business and give a non-threatening way give your pitch to a potential customer
  • This is another avenue to share your products and information, engage the customer in knowledge about your services.
  • Sharing and across other social media is convenient: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog


#2 Search Discovery or SEO use of Video:

After Google, Youtube is the #2 search engine, it also has the biggest searches for “HOW-TO” do something. So take advantage of this and created your “HOW-TO” videos for content to share.

Then optimize like crazy your video with SEOs:

  • Create your video
  • Optimize the video title
  • Optimize the video description
  • Optimize the video transcript
  • optimize the video tags

These are all areas that need to be key-word heavy to make the top-ranked videos in searches.

#3 Sharing and Viral Videos:

Videos ARE the most shared content across social media, largely because of emotional content, this drives us in social media.

Emotions that get us to engage:

  • Funny
  • Shocking
  • Provactive
  • Outrageous
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Outrage
  • sentimentality

Humor is what goes viral. Humor is safe to share without controversy, we can emotionally engage and share a moment with others.

Try it out…find a video that makes you laugh out loud and share it, ask your friends to write a comment about it, and see how many people you made laugh today!

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