Twitter to Enhance Marketing and Promoting

Week 4- BUS 134 blog post

Using Twitter as a micro-blog to your relevant content of the business is a tool that widespread in many industries from small businesses, to celebrities, to the White House! A few of the reasons that businesses found Twitter useful in their marketing goals is to stay top of mind, promote loyalty rewards programs and share coupons and or bargains.

So one way, Twitter can be used to create content that will is retweeted so that a varied audience might discover their business. This strategy follows making Tweets that are funny, educational, or relevant to current topic trends. Then tweet a ‘call to action’ post. Sharing a special discount, attending an event, or check out their website. This could mean following a 9/10 tweeting posts; fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, call to action.

Use #Hashtags to promote is another way to spread to a broader audience. This plan is to create a list of words that apart of your industry culture that another person would use looking up topics. Then include these words in tweets. So write a micro-blog tweet trailed with a stream of #hashtags to catch a twitter follower.

Using other people’s content is another avenue to add material that is relevant to your industry. Look for subjects that might be interesting, humorous, or inspires an emotional reaction. The goal again the potential to be retweeted, liked, followed, or be seen in new demographics that possibly gain a new traffic to your doors.

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