Make your Business Kickass with LinkedIn!

W3-BUS 134 blog post

So you are following the rules to promote your business, read all the books for dummies. Still, you need more. It is time to excited about your business, spread the enthusiasm to gain a new audience because you are a rockstar in your industry…and people need to know it!

So three quick ideas to add more life to your LinkedIn profile!

Update your status on a regular basis. This will give your audience the feeling of activity.  In the article “5 Steps to Market Yourself on LinkedIn,” you should follow an 80/20 guide. That is changing your post once a week and 8 out of 10 posts should incorporate your brand.

Online Resume is that always working even when you are not, so take the time to keep this update.  Lifehack’s article :

16 Useful LinkedIn Tips to Promote Yourself

This goes without saying, and yet, so many choose to leave their profiles incomplete. On a platform built for professionals, an incomplete profile makes you look like anything but that.

  • Make the time to make sure that your history (summary, education, and work) is complete.
  • Give those who would like to connect with you the ability to connect with you on multiple platforms, and add your websites and contact information as well.
  • Remember to add samples of your work as well.


Update and plugin more skills are helpful for a quick reference to how you add value. Since you can add more skills than the suggestions from LinkedIn, but you need ideas, take time to other at other peoples skills to brainstorm skill descriptions. A great way to add a few new skill ideas!


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