Even Google Can Get it Wrong…

W3-BUS 135 Blog post

google methlabs Learning to laugh at your mistakes over a project that you have spent hours to create to realize that have misused a word and completely changed the meaning of the content, is a healthy way to learn to forgive yourself. Taking a mistake in stride, accept that life happens will be a better way to move on and fix the situation.

The internet is a wealth of resources to produce massive amounts of data about your business and to make sure that all roads lead back to the business is time-consuming alone. Then to realize, something has gone wrong, and then the overwhelming feeling that you need to start over to rebuild the possible lost clients can be upsetting to the most patient individual.

Personalization data errors happen, and concerns that customers could have been lost are real, so take it as a time to reevaluate the data resources and update correctly. Take the time to research that data source to see if industry standards have changed for that source.

As pointed out in an article by Daniel Burstein when Google had mistaken MECLABS  as methlabs.com:

“I’m sure the marketers at Google wanted to use personalization (powered by its impressive trove of data) to show us just how compelling a Google ad would be for our organization.”

The downside is — there are three personalization fields in this ad, and they’re all wrong:

  • Our brand is MECLABS Institute, with the first word in all caps
  • We are not a religious organization
  • Our website is meclabs.com, not methlabs.com


Daniel Burstein

Written:   October 4, 2017

‘What You Can Learn about Automated Personalization from Google’s Hilarious Mistake’


Accessed: October 11, 2017


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