Tiki Beach Run

Creating a Social Media Marketing campaign for an annual 5K run that also has a festival, is fabulous opportunity to cross-promote the Tiki Beach Run to a market larger than marathon runners!

Website: Design a website to contain all content and information in a one-stop shopping resource

  • Add links: printable flyers, runner registration, vendors & volunteers
  • Add all the social media buttons

Social Media Campaigns:

Facebook page: Create FB events and scheduled posts to promote the run/festival

Twitter: Make a Twitter account to start tweeting about 5K. Start a Twitter campaign such as #trainingtiki5k

Linkedin: Post the event

Make a YouTube video about event

Blogs: approach relevant bloggers about writing some coverage of the 5K

Chamber of Commerce: Approach all Chamber of Commerce’s within 1-2 hour drive from the event. This a great network to cross-promote for the event. This network will give businesses a reason to reach out to their market base with information using their social media to promote the Tiki Beach Run. There also is the potential to pick up vendors and sponsors for the event.

MWR: (This is a program close to my heart)       

A little snippet of what the MWR is: Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Local MWR programs may schedule local athletic events or subsidized adventure trips. For a full menu of what your local MWR program offers, visit the office on your installation. (military.com)

Reach out to all the MWR’s on all the Military Installations within 1-2 hour from the event, with information provided to share through all MWR’s social media for the upcoming Tiki Beach Run/ Festival.

  • MWR is the immediate resource to local community for Military Families with multiple FB pages, Twitter, and websites
  • Commanders are looking for ways to build unity and morale for their soldiers and to include families is a win-win situation! (AKA mandatory fun day)
  • Promotes physical fitness
  • Many soldiers & spouses compete in these events to collect memorabilia from their travels with the military

Grab a laptop and lace-up shoes!

Tiki Beach Run pic

Tools For Potential Clients To Find Your Services

There are five key areas to integrate your business content to give users access to your services. Creating quality content is only as good as your potential client’s ability to find it. So having an action plan available to reach out into the internet and bring them back to your business is apart of the core fundamentals in the age of the web.

  1. Search: Creating a safe search engine to drive traffic to your site is essential. Using an SEO (search engine optimizer) can create better rankings. Utilizing a SEM (search engine marketing) goes over and beyond SEO to create more visibility.
  2. Review/Recommend/Trust: We have all searched, found lots of resources attached to that search. Now, what do you? Follow the reviews, look for comments or criticisms to form a personal opinion of the product or service to meet your needs.
  3. EWOM/Share/Viral: The share path is a powerful way to spread by EWOM (electronic word of mouth). Designing content that spreads like fire through social media is a heart-pounding exposure reaching beyond your average
  4. Interrupt: The interrupt is another way to push products/services to the unsuspecting user. This is those ads that follow your searches, a video clip that is placed on your Youtube video, or a link that is added to an email.
  5. Browse: Looking to touch into more traffic, then a Browse path could lead the user back to you. “Browse” is when a user is searching for something and suggestions come up related to that search and suggests maybe you need to check this product/service also.

So now that you have your website up, take the time to evaluate five areas to drive traffic back to you!